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Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument

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Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Empty Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument

Post by Jason Voorhees May 6th 2023, 10:56 pm


I don't want people targeting this kid despite the way they speak to me whatsoever, I want people to read and understand what online debating is this situation occurred on Youtube and since youtube has a horrid filter system, I decided that I will refute this person's "arguments" on a public platform to help educate them on how feats/facts actually determine an online debate if you are new these type of things is called Death Battles and it's a hobby that many participate in and so this little situation is from a video about Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th vs/battling Pyramid head from the Silent Hill franchise.

Also note this person is trying to use a "Composite" version where I mentioned Movies/Official novels, not comics/video games and etc BUT since this person wanna use other source material and not the ACTUAL canon then so will I.

My Rebuttals

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Bro, you lost every argument when you commented in TrickRTreatMF video. So I can prove you wrong right now and here's why.

This is called a "Biased" opinion where an individual is using another situation to downplay someone despite it not being true whatsoever and with that said I will acknowledge this by stating not once on ANY of "TrickRTreatMF" videos has anyone ever refuted my statements the people that responded to me and plus the YouTuber in question never provided anything I asked for once, if you make a claim you have to prove it LOL! ignoring someone and making stuff up isn't a debate its borderline fanfic so they believe Michael Myers can beat Jason Voorhees but despite me showing otherwise London here views it as a "Lose" despite me not actually losing but in a debate you NEED to provide "Feats" aka an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength or in an online debate its what the character is capable of doing for themselves and not making speculations and of course everyone knows what a fact is so I won't define that since it should be common knowledge in this modern time.

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Experience: Pyramid Head
He been doing this for thousands of years.

Ok, so he has experience in what London? killing people? swordsmanship? knitting? you haven't provided anything here that should give Pyramid head any points in this category? not much to rebuttal given that the person uses "Age" as a factor for some reason? if "Age" is a factor then by fallacy logic then Jason X also has 500 years of experience?

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Strength/physical strength: Pyramid Head
He can lifted people up with one arm, ripped an skin off with one hand, cut through an metal door, chopping arms off all at once with 3 swing, made an demon go flying meters away and decapitated it's head with one swing, can carry an massive sword one handed, it's been proven that he's a 600 toner in the Movies, and he punched through the earth and that needs 351685281.41 joules and more.

Uh-huh? so lifting people one arm is a strong point for pyramid head? your best "strength" feat for Pyramid Head is ripping off someone's skin...but even then that's still not gonna do much to Jason with superior durability/strength feats! also, you claimed it's proven that he's a 600-toner in the movies despite this not being true whatsoever lol! And I never once saw a single feat for that claim that Pyramid Head punched through the earth!

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument 8zCKGycu2rtYnAgRySrAvd
Jason even in the Friday the 13th: The Game was casually doing this and he wasn't the height of Pyramid head whatsoever lol! (Context: Pyramid Head is a 7 ft tall manifestation taken humanoid form.)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument 91de7f0dfd86ffabc287160e015a5e0b
Part VII Jason was also swinging people in whole sleeping bags as well! (Source: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Maxresdefault
Even in Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Game Jason is out here flattening people that's more of a strength feat more than just ripping off "Skin" itself...

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Main-qimg-806f0aff735808aa40f5c261226a1015-pjlq
Jason Voorhees in the comics is lifting a car in the air?? that type of car just from design is a Mustang those cars by itself is already around 3,400+ Ibs. (Source: Friday the 13th: Abuse and the Abuser)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument 6790969-jason%20feat%20strength%20%2827%29
Jason was out here also stopping full-on cars with his bare hands! (Source: Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash Issue 3)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument TqpMmf

Jason turns Ben's entire skull into GOO! this is with his BARE HANDS! this should tell you enough that Jason physically is gonna be doing this to his victims!

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument RaijfuW
Here is Jason Voorhees himself casually WALKING through a open vortex that is sucking in EVERYTHING! the suction is so strong its even bringing in a whole car and Jason being relentlessly going after Ash from the Evil Dead series! this isn't just any vortex this is a DARK MAGICAL one sooo let that sink in about just how physically strong Jason is!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Durability/endurance: Pyramid Head
He survived being shot twice in the arm, survived getting stabbed in the stomach and slashed across the chest twice, on Google it's said that the comics are canon so, he survived getting blown up into pieces, melted, survived over 1000 explosions, ran over by vehicles, set on fire thousands of times, tanked 50,000 gunshots, and more.

Uh-huh?...nothing you really mentioned is really much of a this is child's play for Jason Voorhees durability LOL! The mere mention of the fact you gotta resort to Google already gave me confirmation for two things...

1. You VERY much clearly don't know the character
2. You aren't a legitimate online debater lol!

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument VTf-ylMQnuHjosFjfyBShzdM9V5u4COLRcAejQkSGtQgGoP2J83wcWM2CT_o9r-Ag0H5q8g3H-2W=s1600 
Jason has also been run over by a vehicle an SUV specifically and hit a tree and yet it didn't even stop him LOL! he literally gets right back up and pursues Ash. (Source: Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash Issue 3)
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument XKumpw

Jason literally gets up from when Rennie using a cop car hits Jason and it didn't do much either lol! (Source: Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Tumblr_oxs1quAdIM1s1v3r1o1_400 
Blown to pieces and came back? so did Jason...(Source: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Friday-the-13-Part-VII-The-New-Blood
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument 97knk1hm3oxa1

Yeah, set on fire? Jason also did that as well...(Source: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood & Freddy Vs Jason)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Maxresdefault

Getting shot 50,000+ times? yeah so has Jason been lit up by entire FBI squads! not even including Jason X in here due to the fact that's all they basically used against him LOL!
(Source: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday!)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Rco01610
Jason literally walks away from a train crash he directly caused casually lol! (Source: Jason Vs Leatherface Issue 1)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument 6791020-jason%20ability%20healing%20%2824%29 
Jason is out here tanking full-blown grenades and healing from them! (Source: Friday the 13th Special by Avatar Press)
Boiler Jason Feat <- Here is a major strength/durability feat that greatly outshines Pyramid Head himself!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Stamina: Pyramid Head
He can literally walk for miles without running out of breath.

What you just said DOESN'T make sense! Jason is a ZOMBIE a specific type but still a ZOMBIE! he has UNLIMITED STAMINA! he doesn't need to sleep, eat or drink! he literally is active 24/7! He traveled from New Jersey to Ohio in Jason Vs Freddy do you know its almost an 8-9 day travel ON FOOT? That is 173 hours worth of a walk and it's more than "miles" that's almost 600+ miles worth for Jason to even walk like Seriously what is your argument here?

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Speed: Jason Voorhees
Pyramid Head moves pretty slow and he's never ran. But Jason Voorhees on the other hand has ran and he can power walk too.

Yeeeah he speed blitz two soldiers and sliced them in half in a single swing this should show you just how dangerous Jason really is!

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Main-qimg-7139508146050018499844b0bd3cc5f8-lq
want more evidence? caught up with a fuel tanker while it was moving! while UNNOTICED!
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument C4Exo1O
London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Agility/flexibility/reflexes: Pyramid Head
He was literally blocking, dodging and ducking hits when he was fighting a demon and it's been said that he can get back up on his feet in about like 2 seconds.

Firstly this doesn't make sense given Jason has also fought a demon aka Freddy Krueger who Jason was also blocking/countering his attacks, Jason was tanking it as well, Pyramid Head fight was easy because clearly the "Demon" wasn't strong enough, Freddy is on a WHOLE different level as Freddy isn't just faster but he is more agile and more flexible than Jason ever was and yet Jason still beat him!

Look at these feats! despite even being in the dream world/real world Jason was still holding his own against someone FASTER than him in combat speed/agility/flexibility! This goes to Jason HANDS down! even the flying canisters is also a reaction feat for Jason as he is causally WALKING and dodging without needing to even duck!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Intelligent: Pyramid Head
He is smarter, because he is capable of knowing of which person is evil or not and he's learned how to build things.

LOL that doesn't make him smarter that's his literal JOB as a manifestation of human consciousness! and building things ooooh yeah totally signs of intelligence! (Yes, Sarcasm!)

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument _jg3Hj
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument HmcNX9

This is what intelligence looks like! Jason isn't dumb and is FAR very far from it! Jason from the Part 2 Novelization does reflect at some points that Jason couldn't speak but listened, and went to school! so he's not just somewhat intelligent he is also cunning! he even tricked Tommy Jarvis so he could grab him by producing FAKE bubbles!
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument 0X3yrM
Now tell me how isn't this intelligence and tell me how this isn't going to Jason? like, make it make sense! Jason is infinitely smarter than an entity who says to be "Primal" and "Animalistic" by its very existence?! Jason can eliminate a potential threat and keep it going where Pyramid Head is just endlessly going out one person and gets bamboozled of their location!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Battle IQ: Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees is taking the cake here, because Pyramid Head doesn't seem to have very good battle IQ. But Jason Voorhees damn sure does because he can legit set up traps, out smart people without getting caught, knocked out electricity so it can be easier for him to kill everybody, and he's really good at planning things before getting into a battle.

This is more than just Battle IQ, Jason stalks, waits, and attacks, he plans ahead and makes sure who to pick off first and who to separate! and you gave him Combat IQ but not Intelligence? weird flex! given the fact Jason isn't dumb!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Skills: Pyramid Head
He's more skilled with the massive sword that he uses, and he has better fighting skills, because of him fighting that demon and won.

"better fighting skills" yeeeeah revert back to the above video! Jason is a superior fighter, he is a basic brawler and knows how to actually punch,grab, and capitalize on an enemy! Jason even without his reboot feats was capable of using ranged weapons and making use of ANY weapon he found out or stole! Pyramidhead only knows one weapon and that's his sword even then what happens when his sword isn't in his hand? he gets manhandled!

Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument KtYvAaW
Jason literally has skill/talent/knowledge about even bow and arrows! what ranged weapon does Pyramid Head have other than the weird marker from Dead by Daylight?? I don't see PH using a gun?

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Hand to hand: Pyramid Head
In the comics he literally took out and killed 10 demons with just his bare hands and he can do it a lot better as well.

LMFAO! Better? yeeeah that's beyond subjective given Jason has fought deadites, military, Freddy, and zombies! with his bare hands or not! the facts are here!

Trained military men couldn't bring him down and he had no weapon BUT his hands!
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Main-qimg-c10cf08a4ad10bc13de473ee45b9708b-lq

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Combat: Jason Voorhees
He literally uses combat style everytime he fights people and he also has better combat skills too.

Mortal Kombat feats already puts Pyramid Head down lmfao!

Jason has fought more people who can fight back from Freddy, Leatherface, Tina, FBI, Military, and etc! this ain't a debate lol!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Stealth: Pyramid Head
He does not talk whatsoever.

Bro that's it? because he doesn't talk? you might wanna know what stealth is as Pyramid head rarely ever use stealth, he sneaks up on people while Jason is literally stalking, finding, and lurking behind people without being seen or heard, hell he can even mask his presence anytime he wants!

even with NIGHTVISION gear Jason still was undetected by military-trained mercs/soldiers!
Refuting Jason Voorhees Vs Pyramid Head Argument Main-qimg-c1b237e07de2987a3a2cce584da42a23-lq

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Hax/abilities: Pyramid Head
He has teleport in the Movies, and he does have more abilities because he has rage mode, shift, teleportation, sense, stalk, and more.

Jason can also teleport, has a healing factor, superhuman strength, and possession, and can come back after a death/defeat stronger than his previous level this is why Jason isn't just winning he is dog-washing Pyramidhead casually in a fight! I could even say HAx is his possession ability but that would be cheating in this what-if death battle! wanna see the official evidence from an official source!?

Jason gets Stronger! <- right here proves what I am saying!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:AP/DC:
He can easily cut through an metal door without any difficulty and he can do it better too.

LMFAO! This right here is outright nonsense so just because he can cut "metal doors" without effort you give it an "AP/DC" point oh boy please!

Destructive Feats for Jason Voorhees:
  • Can break down doors with his BODY and PALMS!
  • Can cut down entire military men
  • Can lift/flip cars! 
  • Has PUNCHED down an entire double-bolted door (Freddy vs Jason)
  • Has one-shotted 3 people with a single swing
  • Has snapped a GUN into pieces

    These are destructive capabilities! This right here is a better mention of destructive feats than some breaking metal door with a giant sword lmfao!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Overall: Pyramid Head win's beyond negative diff.

"Beyond negative diff" that's a nice imagination there London! it's too bad my feats literally by the very measure of the word reveal that Jason is negging the living hell out of Pyramid Head by pure feats alone!

London watson (londonwatson3158) wrote:Trust me bro, Jason Voorhees is my favorite Slasher Character of all time but he does not stand a chance against Pyramid Head.

LMFAO! he is your "favorite" but you clearly don't know everything about the series or else you wouldn't be making such a ridiculous statement as this!

As you can clearly see I didn't even need to mention Uber Jason against Pyramidhead due to the fact that's a BIGGER stomp! outright Uber Jason has his previous stats scientifically enhanced for a reason adding any feats from Uber Jason from the movie, comics, and the novels written will make you go "Man I was always wrong!" which you were/are lmfao!

I didn't also mention Savini Jason who beat Satan and took his Trident (an unholy weapon specifically), I didn't mention the Black Flames comics due to the fact these feats will still be clowning on PH, and I didn't mention the reboot due to the fact that most of the feats are somewhat equal to the original.

overall I didn't just counter the majority if NOT all of your points which you failed to even give context/real reasoning on how/why pyramid head actually wins these categories!
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