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Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules

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Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules Empty Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules

Post by Jason Voorhees June 24th 2017, 7:11 am

Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules Offici10

Official Forum Rules

1. Users will and must show some respect for both the staff and other users of the site! We are a community!

2. Users are prohibited from uploading or posting any type or kind of Sexual and/or pornographic content! (Instant Ban! Instantly bypasses Pre-Warnings!)

3. Users are prohibited from posting Hateful or abusive content to the forum! (Hate Speech)

4. Users are prohibited from posting Defamatory content and/or affecting the integrity of a person!

5. Users can't Sale/exchange medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner/medicines without prescriptions!

6. Users are prohibited from posting about Drugs and or any other illicit substance!

7. Users are prohibited from uploading or posting any Copyright infringement properties!

8. Users are prohibited from posting about Hacking of any kind or type!

9. Users are prohibited from Spamming the forum with the same discussions multiple times in a row! Which is more than 3 times the limit per day.

10. Users are prohibited from posting anything about a Phishing or malware website!

11. Users will not commit any type or any kind of Credit card fraud!

12. Users will not ignore official staff warnings when given to them!

13. Users are not allowed to use Sockpuppet accounts. (Multiple Accounts to avoid a ban or to cheat a specific feature.)


Users will be given 3 Pre-Warnings before an official ban is given to you!

Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules 321: No Warnings officially given meaning safe!

Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules 322: Ban for a Day or Two (24 Hours or 48 Hours)

Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules 228: Ban for a Week (7 Days) or Two Weeks (14 Days)

Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules 1104: Ban for a Month (Default 30 Days) or 2 Months (60 Days)

Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules 1113: Permanent Ban from the website!

(THERE WILL BE IP BANS IF YOU TRY TO SOCKPUPPET!! A socket puppet is someone making a new account to avoid a permanent or temporary ban of their original account)

Users should know this is official and this won't change...if you want to revoke your pre-warnings then make an apology in the Requests section of the forum!

Ad Promotions!

Promotions <- Click Here to Buy or Sell Items!

What are the rules?

Members may Sell or Buy Masks, Shirts, DVDs, Costumes, Toys, Games, and even Jewelry only! and SELLING OF ILLEGAL ITEMS! SUCH AS DRUGS OR 18+ OBJECTS ARE PROHIBITED ON THIS SITE! and if a Member selling is lying or even committing fraud about an item they are selling then the member who brought the merchandise can and may call the AUTHORITIES as we don't condone or promote FALSE ADVERTISING!

Disclaimer about Promotions

We do not KEEP any money made by the seller! the money is purely and only kept by the INDIVIDUAL themselves! WE DO NOT DEMAND OUR MEMBERS TO PAY US FOR USING OUR PLATFORM!!


What Topics are and Aren't Allowed?

People have asked or questioned what members can and can't discuss on this forum and that's something that is going to be discussed here.


  • Other Horrors: There is a separate forum section to talk about topics outside of F13 relating to discussions.
  • Fanfic/FanArt: Discussion about fanfic and fanart is allowed.
  • Debating: Any and all forms of civil debating are allowed.
  • Promotion: Note this is only for F13/Horror-related content nothing outside of it will be allowed. (If you want to promote outside content DM me directly.)
  • Criticism: If you are seeking honest online opinions then this is the place BUT do not get mad when hearing the truth when you asked for it!!

  • Politics: This is something that is debatable, I personally don't care for politics, but others do and it will only be allowed if kept positive! so the Administrators/Moderators will be supervising to make sure its within the rules/on-topic!
  • Trolling: Alright, this subject is 50/50 but there is a line between trolling with the intent of being funny and trolling with the intent to create chaos if it becomes a huge problem we will act upon it as civil and fair as we can/could but if'll meet the machete! (Aka Banned) (aka ban!)

  • Slander: ANY acts of slandering someone with fictitious statements or out-of-context conversations is prohibited!
  • Doxing: Leaking private information or information that someone wants to keep private (unless it's breaking laws of course) is prohibited.
  • Stalking: Any acts of discussion where you want to stalk or harass someone is not tolerable.
  • Nudity: Now listen.....Nudity on this forum is a big NO-NO! I asked the official forum support staff from the head website and they state we can't upload any type of Nudity regardless if it's censored or not!
  • Gatekeeping: What is gatekeeping? Its when someone uses a common hobby or interest as a means of elevating themselves above others to give oneself a sense of being superior transforming their passion or knowledge about a particular subject into an ugly tool of self-inflation, this superiority complex will not be tolerated, you will be warned once to remove this "I am the only True fan" fallacy ideology or else you will keep being banned from the forum until you realize your faults.

Staff Roles,Powers, and Descriptions

  • Adminstrators (aka Chief Counselors): The Admins/Chief Counselors are the 2nd highest ranked positioned members (Under the Founder) they rank above the global moderators in power they also keep the forum running and keep the forums safe for all members, the admins have the power to Ban members who become problematic.
  • Counselors (aka Moderators): The Global Moderators of the F13 Forum are the 3rd highest ranked position members of the staff whose job isn't just to Warn Members but their main job is to enforce the rules and police the forum especially if the Admins aren't online and so they act as the final lines.
  • Jr. Counselors (aka Chat Moderators): Joining in on the Chatbox is real-time feature so if you decide to break the rules in the chatbox the chat moderators have full authority to kick you, and if you decide to become problematic the Chat moderators can ban.  (Note: Dont try and seek the Admins or Mods as they can't revoke Chatbox Bans unless its the Chat Mods or Me)

Note: All staff are human beings, THERE ARE NO BOTS! WITH ADMINISTRATIVE OR MODERATIVE POWERS! So don't try to talk to them any way you believe!

If a Staff is shown to abuse their power on the forum it will be up for a Staff Vote between us (Admins, Mods, and Chat Mods) all some will be suspended or permanently removed from their role if necessary, report any and all abusive behavior to me aka @Jason Voorhees

About Friday the 13th Forum

This online forum for and about the Friday the 13th Universe is for and by the fans, this place is and will always be a place to spread the love of the franchise by fans, this place isn't like many other online websites, this website is to help create a large and diverse community that helps create new discussions, answer questions (repetitive or not), give advice to new cosplayers, or anything they are interested in, and on this website we discuss all things from the films, comics, video games, figures, cosplay, and the fandom (aka fanfic), we promote civil and friendly mannerisms here, and we understand some of us are adults and not kids! I will state that we don't tolerate any form of harassment be it cyber or sexual, we also encourage the usage of using our report system to help any and all members of our forum.
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