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Is Minecraft's updates mid or no

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Is Minecraft's updates mid or no Empty Is Minecraft's updates mid or no

Post by StarFoxandDoomFan64 June 9th 2024, 2:00 am

Ever since Microsoft took over it since 2014, the games updates from the golden era are great. but since 2019-2024.

Every update feels unnecessary like the changed the whole nether which feels laggy in my opinion for Java Edition.

The Village and Pillage update is okay in my opinion, but adding pillagers and improving those empty houses for villagers are good.

and another update after update which adds more stuff to it. SO MUCH LAG ON JAVA!

and bedrock edition is awful, glad i quit that version as i respect older java ones.

If Minecraft feels boring to me, i'll reinstall Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam.
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