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Chucky Vs Megan

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Chucky Vs Megan Empty Chucky Vs Megan

Post by Jason Voorhees April 27th 2024, 3:45 pm

Chucky Vs Megan Img_2117


Charles Lee Ray the Infamous Slasher of Hackensack, New Jersey from Child's Play! A innocent child turned twisted psychopathic serial killer! Killed his own mother in cold blood! Has manipulated people and his environments to suit his goals and ambitions!!!


Megan the artificially intelligent robot doll who turned into a killer from M3GAN! Designed to be your own personal friend, the prototype was designed to protect Cady and it was an ever learning device that did just that...protect! She can move almost any part of her body at 180⁰ to 360⁰ turns making her a very flexible and agile fighter!

The Pros and Cons!


Chucky has the body count superiority!
Chucky has the numbers game!
Chucky has the infamy!
Chucky has the magic!


Megan has the titanium strength & durability
Megan has a super computer brain
Megan has the capabilities to hack technology
Megan has the height advantage over Chucky
Megan has infinite stamina over Chucky
Megan has superiority in senses.
Megan has the agility and mobility

The Match Up!

It's a Supernatural Doll Vs a Scientific Doll! This is something fans have discussed before of who will win and who will lose! So will it be the A.I Doll Megan or the Voodo Magic Slasher Chucky!?
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