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The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers

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The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers Empty The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers

Post by Jason Voorhees April 18th 2024, 8:33 am

The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers 10000110

What is he? What is the Creeper?

Firstly we have to understand here there is no official "origin" and majority of what I will say is from the 3 known theories which also includes the comic books of unknown canonical state as of right the listed are mostly Theories but are supported by the 3 Original films in the Trilogy and with that said the "Reboot" Creeper won't be mentioned/listed here.

Demon: The biggest and most logical theory there is because during the deleted scenes of Jeepers Creepers 2 this monster is said to have been here since the Medieval time Era, now mind you the "Americas" never had a Medieval timeline so this means it's not originally native to America, but European history did this is due to the concept of feudalism, and it means this creature surely has more to its origin story, an how would this be "Demon" in nature? It's simply due to its overall appearance, wings, and it's humanoid physique as it's skin is very much reptilian as common knowledge of Lucifer being a serpent and demons being "spirits" this one is taken a physical form and is bounded to the human world, could it be someone from over hundreds of years ago who made a ill-willed deal? A demon born from a womb of a human? There's many things to take alot more than the others listed here, it could also explain him being "Jack the Ripper" in England who killed women and the Murders remained unsolved, and that he traveled to America to pursue new lands and never returned and he'll it could also explain the theory from myself that the Creeper helped influenced the Cryptid known as the New Jersey Devil from the mid-1700s.

Deity: The most uncommon theory but is given in comic form is that the Creeper is an ancient Aztec God, A deity known as Quetzalcoatl which he is titled as "The Dragon God" this deity was one of the most revered gods in ancient Mesoamerica era and the issue with this notion is that this contradicts the deleted scene (yes take deleted scenes as canon or not if you want, but I consider them canon as long as they dont contradict the film.) As Quetzalcoatl is said to be a "chimera" which the Creeper clearly isn't at all feathered like a bird, or rattlesnake, yes its reptilian but if the Creeper was this much older in the America's there would be alot more knowledge of him from different native folklore like Native Americans, aztecs actually depicting him as a humanoid figure and not a "Animalistic" deity, as in the comics it's given that the Creeper caused the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony in the early 1585, another contradiction would be the Medieval Axe that could only be replicated during the time of the Medieval era.

Mutant: A Very unlikely theory but it suggests that the Creeper is a genetic mutation in the human hierarchy and that he needs new organs due to this DNA and while this theory is very unlikely due to the supernatural elements behind him in Jeepers Creepers 3 and the fact he has wings which would be another type of mutated Genetics that wouldn't be possible.

Force of Nature: Very unlikely theory as with the Mutant theory is that the Creeper is mother's nature's punishment for humanity, but this theory wouldn't make sense because it's clear as day that the Creeper doesn't really benefit the earth its a simple creature with motives to simply survive.

Alien: This is a very rare theory, but could have some truth, Aliens already by our knowledge something unexplainable and none more than the Creeper, we can assume hundreds of years ago during the Medieval time that the Creeper crash landed in Europe, and was making chaos there as well before heading to the America's, his vehicle might actually explain alittle truth to this from the seemingly indestructible truck and the Telekinetic power which is primarily associated to Alien Mythology, it can explain why's he's so Humanoid and why he tracks and hunts us humans for his benefits since Alien abductions bas stories of them taking something of human use for their benefits so yeah this might have some validity.

My Thoughts? The Creeper is most definitely a Demon of origins, its just from many small details from each film, and how he designs his weapons, so there's alot to unpack and due to its unconfirmed age, I can calculate that the Creeper could be around 600+ years old and yet there is one unconfirmed statement saying: "since man first walked upright. Maybe before, even." this statement also doesn't seem right because through a specific time there was nothing for him to use as Substitute as "Human" based organs, and I doubt he is as old as the prehistoric era but to be summoned from hell by a human in Europe and he was freed? That's logical or even him being summoned and using the person as a host also makes sense because demons in folklore can be summoned and possessed people and I think he broke out of hell during the Medieval era and stayed bounded on earth causing chaos whoever he goes from missing people to missing people.

The Creepers Strength:

The Creeper is obviously way stronger than a normal human, capable of lifting 100+ pounds easily with one hand, and he can launch projectiles with greater force than humans with said strength be it one-handed or two-handed, the Creeper can rip off limbs off a human with some effort applied to it, but due to my research it seems he does have a limitation because when watching his own limbs being ripped off by the characters, its obvious, he still has actual nerves to some extent which is physically limiting his strength so we dont know the true upper strength of the Creeper, but with nerves and him being humanoid? We can agree that he can still have muscle fatigue, muscle damage, and other such human-based weaknesses, now in a scenerio of a 1v1? he can win against any normal human, hell I'll say he can overpower multiple humans in a 1v3 situation, but that's depending on weapons or pure physical combat skills, but the Creeper is a powerhouse in his own right and there's nk changing that.

I'll answer questions from across other forums, where people have genuine interest/opinions about...

Question: Can the creeper take on a Bear? Tiger? Or Gorilla in a fight?

Response: Personally without his actual weapons? I think actual animals would be a problem for him as fighting humans isnt at all a challenge, but animals?? The same species in our planet who also have an instinct to fight and survive is different and difficult to measure against him, but the bigger apex predators can/could/will cause him some severe damage so without a weapon and hand to hand? I believe he would get easily mauled and ripped away at, but until his wings or a weapon is in his hands to give him a proper advantage, then yes, he can beat them because it will be easier with a ranged advantage such as close, mid, or long melee weapons will be an advantage over an animal, and the Claw/Talons of the Creeper vs the Claws/Talons of animals is up for debate, but I firmly believe the apexes: Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Tigers, and Crocodiles could give him an Lose.

Question: Doesn't the Creeper flip a truck and went through a bus is a determination of strength?

Response: Not at all, as the Creeper used his wings and flying at high speeds, combining that with his own weight and momentum caused him to flip and destroy the father's truck thats just physics 101, and him going through the bus is the same reason, high impact from speed isnt a physical strength feat but a Kinetic energy force feat.

The Creepers Intelligence:

Being from my estimates from Jeepers Creepers 2 deleted scene statement from a vision connection of the Medieval era statements meaning with 600+ years under his belt but abit most were for 23 years from each other, but it's both a stretch but also a great notion that the Creeper knows the very basics from different languages, money, weapon expertise like swords, axes, bows, knives, and other  weaponry (obviously), and yet we don't know if he has the fundamentals of math, science, or other fields we can give examples of what we know from the films...

The Creeper is shown to preserve bodies thats a sign of chemistry/science aspects.

The Creeper is shown to drive and operate different vehicles and knows how machinery works.

The Creeper is shown to know when to dodge, evade, counter, and predict dangers.

The Creeper is shown to sew clothes, build and create weapons, which shows craftsmanship.

The Creeper is shown to act human, talk, hide, and create traps showing the basics of humanity and survival.

The Creeper is clearly intelligent but he is no "Genius" or "Super Genius" and it's a basic for a being like him to disable communications and know how to sabotage cars, machinery, so that doesn't take a rocket scientist.

The Creepers Physiology:

The anatomy of the Creeper is very much close to humans, very much physically a male and this is given as he needs to eat, drink, and sleep, meaning that the organs truly must function the same as us so this can mean alot of things for him but given what we know, he truly doesn't sleep until the 23 days are up and for him to feed, meaning for about 552 hours he is fully awake and energized that is..if his body isn't damaged that is, and unlike us humans he does have things we don't...

Wings: The Creeper wings are gigantic in size, taller and wider than an average 6 ft 0 human which ofcourse gives him the ability of flight and gliding through the air at super speeds.

Claws and Talons The Creeper has large mid-size nails that are basically used to be stabbing, slicing, and ripping apart flesh or anything that gets in his way, especially his talons which he can use to carry additional weight.

His durability is also far exceeding of any norms in the series, he has been ran over multiple times, has been  shot along his entire body, stabbed in the head, dismembered, and it only temporarily ever slows him down or delays him on his pursuits, you can say he has Superhuman durability, I wouldn't say supernatural because he doesn't have self-regeneration.

The Creepers Personality:

The Creeper is displayed to be having a sadist trait, he enjoys taunting, hunting, and toying with his prey causing physical, mental, and emotional pain and fear, he would lick on glass to make his prey uncomfortable but when his time is running out then he gets more violent and serious, he will no longer be sadistic, and it's no longer a Cat and Mouse game, as shown when hunting the siblings, he does show to be somewhat but very little compassionate and knows reasoning as Trish was begging and demanding the Creeper to take her and not her brother Darry and for a moment he actually thinks about it but then decides not to likely due to her not actually fearing him and him not smelling a specific organ he needs or wants from her, and this is a very small instance of his display of humanity traits.

The Creeper definitely has no empathy for his chosen prey as he has killed women and children in his display for new body parts for himself, and yet he doesn't kill randomly either he has only killed those who get in his way or mess with his belongings.

The Creepers Armory:

His personal arsenal is made of custom weapons from makeshift throwing darts, Spears, and knives.

The Creeper also keeps a Medieval axe that seems to be a personal item for him. (Retrace back to the what is the Creeper section)

He also has his meat truck that is seemingly indestructible with bullets bouncing off of it and has bombs?...yeah the truck is very unique and different from the 1st film and the 3rd film.

There is not much to really go in depth about other than most of the makeshift weapons are made from parts of his various victims.

The Creepers Powers & Abilities:

Superhuman Physiology: I wouldn't say he's actually "supernatural" in terms of strength or speed, but his durability is definitely something above Superhuman,

Immortality: Immortality all has different levels and concepts, since the Creeper needs biological matter to keep living you can say he's close to Longevity where he ages slowly due to repairing his body with new parts, and since he sleeps for 23 years this must also mean he doesn't truly age like everyone else either.

Flight: Due to his wings it grants him...well the ability to fly and glide at fast speeds.

Telekinesis: Displayed in Jeepers Creepers 2 and Jeepers Creepers 3, he has shown the ability to retrieve his weapons and control his truck without needing to physically touch the object, this is something that displays his supernatural elements and shows us that he is a force to be wary of.

Supernatural Senses: The biggest Creeper ability trait is his supernatural nose that can pick on a victims fears that gives him the knowledge of what organs to take from them from entire limbs or not, eyes, lungs, arms, and heads are all on his list.

Regeneration/Body Simulation: Not "Regeneration" in the sense that he can do it without limbs but that he can heal back damaged parts of his body and make it his own, this is what makes him a threat to humans because putting him down isn't gonna be easy as taking direct hits to his head or heart won't stop him, but it will make him seek the people he needs the organs.

The Creepers Weaknesses/Exploits:

Overcoming Fear: Those who have the will-power to overcome fear is a exploit to ruin his hunt and make him lose interest.

Forced Hiberation: Prolonging the Creeper into or even over the 23 days will automatically force him back to sleep, this means you can do whatever you can to his physical body.

Damage Limb Exposure: As shown in both Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2, damaging his body to a certain degree will limit his mobility, cutting or shooting off his limbs will slow him down, decapitation or extreme damage to his head will force him to retreat and seek a new one, and so on.

The Unknown

1. It's unknown if the Creeper has a species.

2. It's unknown if the Creeper has a sexuality or any sexual desires.

3. It's unknown if the Creeper can actually force himself awake.

4. It's unknown on the timespan on how fast he needs a new vital organ.

5. It's unknown on why the Creeper doesn't hunt animals for new organs.

6. It's unknown if the Creeper can swim or breath underwater.

7. It's unknown if the Creeper can go into orbit and survive in space.
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