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Worst Atari 2600 games

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Worst Atari 2600 games Empty Worst Atari 2600 games

Post by StarFoxandDoomFan64 March 23rd 2024, 2:16 pm

Alr, i'm going to start with...

Halloween (1983)

Based off the 1978 classic horror film, you control Laurie Strode in some confusing house while saving kids and getting chased by Michael Myers before he chops your head off,

The controls are awful, the sprite work is nothing like the movie, i'd say Laurie looks like Lisa Simpson and Michael Myers looks like some gray suited bald guy with some stick. and the kid you save, looks like a LEGO man.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1983)

Yeah, you control Leatherface in this one. hunting and killing victims, but be careful! the chainsaw will run out of fuel within seconds, and the victim kicks your ass in the GAME OVER screen.

Controls are awful in this one, and you have to cut barbed wire fences, cow skulls, and wheelchairs that make your chainsaw low on gas.

ET (1983)

This is one OF the worst games of all time, so bad that it's copies were placed in a landfill. and gives Superman 64, and Big Rigs: Over the top racing, a run for their money.

The controls suck, the gameplay sucks, and you control Eee Tee in this one, while finding shit for the phone your supposed to go home the FBI guys and Scientist guys are a menace in this game, i know wonder why the Nes from Nintendo got so popular with Super Mario Bros.

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