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The Ring Chronicle Movie Order

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The Ring Chronicle Movie Order Empty The Ring Chronicle Movie Order

Post by Jason Voorhees February 27th 2024, 10:14 am

Are you a fan of the Ringu franchise or better known as the Ring series? Well, look no further for the Chronologically analyzed film order for this franchise! but please note this will not be based on any of the Novels, Video Games, or Manga/Comics of the franchise just the movies!!!

Original Timeline

1st Watch: Ring 0: Birthday
2nd Watch: Ring
3rd Watch: Ring 2
4th Watch: Sadako (2019 film)
5th Watch: Sadako (aka Sadako 3D)
Final Watch: Sadako 2 (aka Sadako 3D 2)

Reboot Timelines

The Ring: Virus (South Korean Remake)

Hikiko vs. Sadako (Standalone Crossover/Reboot)

Bunshinsaba Vs Sadako (Crossover Only)
Bunshinsaba Vs Sadako 2 (Crossover Only)

Sadako Vs Kayako (Standalone Crossover/Reboot)


Yes, the Sadako title from 2019 is said to be a sequel to Ring 2 itself making it chronically after Ring 2 and is "technically" Ring 3 and is before Sadako 3D and Sadako 3D 2.

Ring 0: Birthday is the Prequel to the overall original timeline.

All the crossovers have the same "Origin" but different events/timelines making them their own Universes that aren't canon to the main and if you have official confirmation stating otherwise sign up and provide the evidence as correction and proper information is what I'm here for thank you!
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