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holiday themed slasher movies

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holiday themed slasher movies Empty holiday themed slasher movies

Post by ThePunisher February 9th 2024, 7:03 pm

People tend to watch the Halloween movies around Halloween.

Do you find yourself watching My Bloody Valentine every Valentine's Day? How about April fool's Day, or Silent Night, Deadly night?


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holiday themed slasher movies Empty Re: holiday themed slasher movies

Post by I'm Not a Goalie February 9th 2024, 9:50 pm

No, not really. Most holiday themed horror movies are so hokey, they aren't even worth a second watch let alone a yearly screening. Especially the Christmas ones... Am I really going to watch Jack Frost or Thankskilling every holiday season? The one time I did sit through those films was probably one time too many. Halloween just lends itself so much better to the genre for obvious reasons, and there's so many different't things you can do with the Halloween theme. With the other holidays, you're kind of stuck with the limited themes you can draw from it. How many evil Santa movies can you watch?

My family does have a tradition that we watch Gremlins together on Christmas day every year, but that's it. I like Black Christmas and My Bloody Valentine, but I never felt any compulsion to watch them during those particular holidays. The holiday's kind of felt more like a backdrop to the film than being an interval part of those movies, but that probably explains why those movies are more enjoyable. They don't marry themselves to the traditions of those Holidays. The original My Bloody Valentine probably made the best use of the holiday theme.
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