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Negan Did Nothing Wrong

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Negan Did Nothing Wrong Empty Negan Did Nothing Wrong

Post by Jason Voorhees January 25th 2024, 6:52 am

Alot of The Walking Dead Fans are gonna be either Happy or Mad with me! They will either Agree or Disagree with me! But I will DIE on this hill!

Reasoning 1: Negan isnt a Villian

No, Negan wasn't a Villian alot of people automatically like to place the virtue of "Antagonist" automatically with the definition of "Villian" this isn't the case and I'll explain how and why...

Definition wrote:(in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.

Now what makes him a villian exactly? If I remeber correctly the "motives" and "Plot" is just survival?? And what actions has he done that's even considered "Evil"? See my point here??

A villian would have a selfish motivation and angle....Negan didn't have these and he didn't just fight for himself now did he? He was fighting for everyone living under his leadership.

A villian would be chaotic and violent majority of the time?...Nope! Not Negan! He was chill, cunning, and always comedic and only got Chaotic and Violent when someone tries to break down his door.

A Villian wouldn't think twice about their men and only used said men as pawns right? and well again Negan clearly cared for his men as even in his introduction...

Negan wrote:Hi. You're Rick, right? I'm Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that shit is. But I think you're gonna be up to speed shortly. Yeah. You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes.

That doesn't sound like a Villian!!

Reasoning 2: Negan wasnt a Tyrant

Oh man! People love throwing out terms! "Negan was a Tyrant!" he wasnt...

Let's look back at the definition...

Definition wrote:a cruel and oppressive ruler.

If I remeber correctly from his many/multiple appearances on the show he was neither of these terminologies...

As he wasn't cruel and wasn't oppressive the direct opposite which I'll explain more in my next reasoning as well.

Buuuut if any fan can name me ANYTIME negan was ever cruel to his own people without an actual motive behind it I'll GLADLY wait!!

Aaaand yes...Negan used power to extort people but this isn't a crime in their universe its survival! You gotta do what you gotta do especially if you got people who depend on you.

Reasoning 3: Negan was a Leader

Now then how many times have Negan shown he is a well-deserved leader??? I can name NUMEROUS times!

1. Negan sought vengeance for his men. (Again Debut episode.)

2. Negan gave his people loyalty and respect. (When they were asking for him.)

3. Negan made obvious rules that should be followed by any "decent" and living human.

4. Negan allowed people to take different "districts" and split them into his right hands.

5. Negan was equal to everyone no one was above each other and no one was lesser than the other.

Time after time Negan has shown he was a superior leader and BEFORE anyone comes at me! I am a Rick and Daryl fan BUT most of their decisions either caused them more damage and gave them more hardship and pain! I'm not blaming anyone but Negan was running an ENTIRE COMMUNITY for years without a real failure until Rick the group showed up.

He was so dedicated to keep his promises that he killed someone who was attempting to rape someone , so now tell he a villian? Is he cruel? Is he Oppressive? Clearly not if he has enough humanity and Morals that he protects the people at the Sanctuary.

And he was so loyal DESPITE Rick and companions being harsh, disrespectful, and untrusting of him that he himself, directly killed Spencer who was being a SNAKE and trying to get rid of Rick through espionage and this isn't Spencer trying to just "Win" over Negan by tempting him to get rid of Rick by any means, and yet with Negan being an intelligent man showing Spencer...he just didn't have the GUTS! Yes, pun intended! It shows that Negan hates liars and dishonest people.

He then gave the group multiple chances and let them live if they just follow the rules MULTIPLE times despite them always planning against him despite it being their own FAULT for why they are that way.

Yes!!! killing my boy Glenn should have never happened BUT he warned them all that day that ACTIONS has CONSEQUENCES and Daryls actions caused this!

So what traits have I listed again?...

Decision Making
Love for his people
Love for what he built

Reasoning 4: Negan was Broken

The man lost his wife in a way that shouldn't have happened, and yes, he cheated on her but at the same time the man was giving it all for her after civilization fell and it wasn't easy for him or for her! The man lost EVERYTHING.

You can't blame a man when he has NOTHING else to lose!

Reasoning 5: Negan is a Survivor

Regardless of how everyone feels...

THIS IS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! People forget to understand...


It's all out the window! This is survival of the fittest! Shane had it all figured out way before everyone else did in the early run of the series! It's US or THEM! Negan isnt a Villian and he isn't Evil!

He killed people who messed with him, his people, or his community! Look at how his trading route was for godsakes! The man was trying to make things work and everyone hated his group for it because of bad seeds or situations where it's kill or be killed!

Negan wasn't out here killing for fun.

Negan wasn't out here enslaving people.

Negan wasn't out here forcing people do to things.

It was either you live, eat, and have a good life here.
It was to the wastelands with the Walkers!

Look how Rick was handling people, it was always what again? Us or them and its clear as day!

The Other issues...

It always seems to me with TWD Fans they love bringing up the "They tried to rob them first!" Argument...

Did we all not watch the same Satellite episode where Rick and his people outright killed his people in their SLEEP? They weren't just defenseless but Rick and them STOLE A BABY!

Or escape the fact Negan could have honestly with 100% reasonable and valid reasons could have SNUFFED OUT everyone at Alexandria but he didn't! He made them into a trading post and wanted nothing back but what was stolen and used by them!

This is his own words...
Negan Did Nothing Wrong 615a9210

Now is this really a "Digression" from his redemption? its not! This man LOST everything AGAIN and with honesty towards Maggie? she's the one who's hurt for what?...Because of her GROUP! Negan lost everything yet again because of their selfishness of wanting "Freedom"...Rick and them were a THREAT and he could have on that day easily took them all out but he didn't...he showed them all MERCY and they said "We didn't need it!" And this same episode or after of where this screenshot is from, Negan went on to explain to Maggie the people at the Satellite had entire families...Moms,Dads,Sisters,Brothers,Sons,Daughters, and etc and he had to return with seeing his former people turned into walkers because they were LOYAL to him not out of FEAR but RESPECT! Rick and them destroyed that regardless of if any TWD disagrees with that!

Again look at all the things I've said here and tell me...was Negan EVER in the wrong? Let me ask you these important questions so you can understand more of my point of view...

Q: If someone hurt someone you know or love would you not get revenge?

Q: If you had people who looked up to you, would you not protect them?

Q: If you had to save hundreds to kill a dozen would you not do it?

Q: If your people are starving would you not do everything in your power to make sure they eat or drink?

Again these are more than about "Mortality" but about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG!

Now will you sit here and tell me you would be like the spineless leader Gregory from Hilltop?  

Will you be like the actual ruthless and cold leaders like Alpha and Governor?

Would you be reckless and always paranoid like Rick?

Or would you be a loyal, honest, and protecting leader like Negan?

Debate Me!!

Sign up and debate me if you heavily disagree but in a CIVIL manner! I am open for debating and open-topics here! This website isn't about "YES!" Men this place is for all horror fans!
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