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Why YOU wouldn't survive the Return of the Living Dead Virus!

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Why YOU wouldn't survive the Return of the Living Dead Virus! Empty Why YOU wouldn't survive the Return of the Living Dead Virus!

Post by Jason Voorhees December 29th 2023, 3:13 pm

This post will give a DEEP analyzing of HOW and WHY the human race aka YOU! Wouldn't be surviving such a devastating virus such as the 2-4-5 Trioxin (not Trioxin 5 from the later series but mostly from the original two movies which uses this specific version!) This wouldn't matter of the location on earth either just a small uncontained area is needed for this chemical agent turned virus to consume our planet earth! There is alot to explore and explain here but this can be an interesting read for all viewers so sit back and enjoy my research!

2-4-5 Trioxin Virus

This virus was ofcourse engineered by the US Military for both military warfare usage and producing Super Soldiers so this was a basis for the reasoning behind their explanations of "Night of the Living Dead" outbreak but due to the fact most were Unkillable they were forced and placed into barrels to contain and keep them in a hibernation state and so they can stay in a slow degenerative state, they were such a threat/risk to humanity that the government at the time couldn't find the right process of elimination to get rid of them until later on with the "2nd event" of the outbreak in Kentucky.

The 2-4-5 Trioxin is by medical means a death sentence...I'll be explaining the reasons why this is in the next sections...


The 2-4-5 Trioxin can be spread through 3 Ways for humans and animals...

Bites: This is obviously the most well known transfer of viruses and other diseases throughout fiction it takes a single bite for any human or animal to completely turn into a Trioxin Zombie this includes the "Saliva" method as well to turn a human or animal into a undead. (NOTE: This does also include the blood method.)

Smoke Form: Like in the first and second film, the virus (chemical agent) can be transferred into the form of smoke/mist this is how the cemetery zombies were reanimated and this is one of slower ways to turn as there is multiple symptoms before the inevitable zombification.

Liquid Form: Even Rain containing 2-4-5 Trioxin can cause it to turn into a "Acidic" rain that can cause the same effects of degrading the immune system and even when we are talking about the original three films in the series for this scenerio it shouldnt be bad to mention that when in liquid pill form that humans can slowly turn into the Undead just as slow as the Smoke method.

TROTLD Zombies Physiology

There is ALOT to unpack and understand with the fundamentals of these type of zombies...the Return of the Living Dead zombies are a level above even the likes of other fictional zombie franchises this is including Resident Evil, Night of the Living Dead, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Dying Light, and even The Walking Dead and here's the reasons why TROTLD Zombies are superior, scarier, and more dangerous...

Revenant Zombie Traits: 2-4-5 Trioxin Zombies will always retain their intelligence and this is why I say "Traits" because they still hunger for flesh namely "Brains" something a Revenant Zombie wouldn't really need to sustain themselves, with that said the individual(s) can still talk, see, and hear something while most typical zombies will lose a sense vs still retaining them all, this doesn't stop here...the hosts can still sprint, run, and climb this is regardless of the time of rigor mortis itself!!!

Near-Invulnerability/Near-Unkillable: Unlike so many other fictional zombies that take head shots and die, or taking to much damage to the physical body causing them to be completely dead again but this CAN'T be said for or about the 2-4-5 Trioxin Zombies at all because these type of undead are basically nearly Unkillable without having a specific means to do the job and let me doesn't matter what ammunition or what melee weapon you use on these things they will KEEP and I mean KEEP on going! Decapitation of any limbs won't stop them! You can unload entire magazines/clips/rounds into one and they won't stay Dead because at BEST it will temporarily "stun" them but won't at all keep them busy, they are nearly Unkillable because to make them stop is either...

A.) Complete Destruction of the Body (Atomic Destruction)

B.) Sub-Zero Temperatures

Without these TWO Methods you are a free meal for them at this point...

I know someone is gonna mention the Return of the Living Dead 2 ending where High volts of electricity had stopped but for me? It only ever neutralized them.

This isn't setting to the biggest part of why they are nearly-unkillable because even at a SKELETAL level they still reanimate so it doesn't matter about the decomposition stages of the corpse itself because it still comes back to life and will keep trying to suppress the pain they feel by eating brains so yeah cut off the hand? Still reanimated...cut off the legs? The legs are gonna still move! Cut it in half vertical or horizontal and it will still keep moving as well!

Intelligence: Most of the zombies we know in video games and movies aren't smart enough to figure out doors, ladders, cars, and other such relevant concepts and this is while they just use their body's to "Bash" and "Break" and yes that's "terrifying" but imagine a breed of zombies who can open doors, use human language, drive, and much more! These type of zombies can set-up traps, plan coordinated attacks, and use combat experiences making them a triple threat amongst humanity!

Other Factors: For better understanding these are Zombies that can't be stopped by any normal means, they have infinite stamina meaning no matter what...these undead monsters won't stop chasing you! They can lure you out by playing distress, they can use vehicles, guns, and have all the senses to understand how, where, and when to get you!


If a human is exposed they will experience these known symptoms...

  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Body Pain
  • Temperature Depletion
  • Rigor Mortis
  • No Pulse

The Final Stage is ofcourse...Death while this happens the Reanimation process is activating this is where your body has fully become undead there is NO CURE for these symptoms and or the virus as once you hit Rigor mortis you are practically beyond saving of any kind this is a DEATH SENTENCE for any humans or even animals!


It's without a doubt...if this got out without any nuclear weapons being deployed the human race would be EXTINCT!! But ofcourse there will be MULTIPLE SCENERIOS for these...

Scenerio 1:

Even if let's say they bordered off a city or state like they did in the Army of the Dead by Zack Synder? The biggest downfall due to this mentioned fact...the Zombies can simple dress up as us and set up traps and even worse they can outright talk to other humans outside the barrier and trick us into

A.) Going in
B.) Getting Out
C.) Making more

Scenerio 2:

Nuclear warfare can STILL turn on us and that's why making more 2-4-5 Trioxin clouds that can/could turn more into zombies as it did at the end of the first film we see it cause another storm that made more so this can still kill us but it would greatly reduce their chances if it's small groups.

Scenerio 3:

They can run us down non-stop, they can climb, and use what we use just the same so there's no other way to survive without leaving the earth or even going under ground! But ofcourse in the end the dead WILL survive more than us so astronauts? You'll be basically safe...until you land back on earth...

Scenerio 4:

The most unrealistic and I mean more unrealistic than Scenerio 3...Underground would be beyond and I mean BEYOND hard and complex to even achieve but if the undead race are roaming ontop of the earth then the human race needs to go under the earth!


With how things are the survival rate given by the Trioxin chemical agent is beyond low and even with military involvement if they aren't directly nuking first hand then cars, homes, businesses, and them whole cities and then the states will all be Zombie infected! And will spread like a Dam flooding without anyone being capable of stopping it all!
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