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Freddy Krueger True Power?

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Freddy Krueger True Power? Empty Freddy Krueger True Power?

Post by Jason Voorhees September 11th 2023, 6:21 pm


Hey everyone! Since so many people love my deep analyzing research of characters like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th so why not make a new set for other slashers and horror monsters? And what's better to start with a Rival of Jason himself? Robert Englund's own Freddy Krueger! This thread will primarily focus on the POWERS not the origins of the character.

Dream Demons

Freddy Krueger True Power? Pqaaam10

It is revealed in their 1st appearance in the A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare where it's introduced that they are the true reason behind the power of Freddy Krueger, every ability he had gained is a fraction of their own powers.

Conceptually they are by all means Non-Corporeal entities, they don't have a physical form and stay in an "Astral" or in other terms "Spiritual" state of being.

It's honestly safe to assume they can't use their power without a willing host as shown in the film:

Dream Demon 1: "Freddy... We know what you want.

Freddy Krueger: I WANT IT ALL!"

Dream Demon 1: "Of course, you do."

Dream Demon 2: "Then open up."

Dream Demon 3: "And you shall be...FOREVER!"

Here are things I can confirm:

1. They are by all means dimensional travelers from the physical and conscious planes.

2. They need a HOST to interact with the real world or else they don't exist.

3. If the host isn't worthy they will likely strip them of the power and seek someone new depending on their situation.

I can't confirm/not confirm if the Dream Demons are servants of Lucifer or Satan of the respected franchises but given how they operate they might be their own evil personifications from ancient times.

Freddy's True Power

Freddy Krueger True Power? Freddy11

It seems people truly don't understand how utterly powerful Freddy Krueger is when he is in the dream world so here is where I will explain to people just how powerful and truly scary he is in terms of these online battle forums on the internet.

Immortality: As many know there are levels to immortality from the differences between Jason is different from Chucky, and Freddy is one of the most immortal in the Horroverse due to the Dream Demons, this is what we call "Conceptual" Immortality where an entity can't be killed without erasing that concept from existence, so, by all means, Freddy even if you bring him into the real world will always exist so as long as the Dream Demons has him as their host, Freddy DOESN'T need to eat or drink, he has no "physical" body anymore meaning he has unlimited stamina, can regenerate any parts of his body doesn't matter what or how he lost it, in the dream world as displayed numerously he can make himself invulnerable to any damage.

Dream Warping: This is "Reality Warping" but in terms of the dream world terminology meaning Freddy can change himself or anything around him with a single whim, he doesn't need to "Say" anything he just has to consciously think it in his realm and it becomes a reality for him or his victims, he can make himself into a skeleton, a chair, a bed, or anything like that and is in affect mimicking powers we all probably seen in fictional universes like shapeshifting, telekinesis, weather manipulation,  fire manipulation and much much more.

Reality Warping: As seen directly in both A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Freddy with a "Physical Host" for himself can warp reality on a small scale this is namely shown in Part 2 where he became real, and summon fire out of nowhere to disappear, this is from his own power bestowed upon by the Dream Demons, this is again revealed in Freddy's Dead but when we understand that for almost a decade that Freddy was still killing after Part 5.

Evidence 1#:
Freddy Krueger True Power? 6-110

Other evidence is that the population of Springwood was 15,000+ and that Freddy and his power affected the boundaries of the town due to the killings itself.

Evidence 2#:
Freddy Krueger True Power? Elm10

With the amount of souls he took he had enough power to affect reality but only at this time bounded to Springwood itself this will be later on touched upon after Death Inducement!

Power Amplification: The souls of his victims are absorbed into his very being, with each soul he obtains he gets more and more powerful, but this is also tie-in with another power source "Remembrance" where those who remember him keeps him alive as well this explains both Dream and Reality warping powers that Freddy obtained through the Dream Demons.

Death Inducement: You believe we are done? no no no! This is where his power gets scary! Whatever happens to you in his dream world happens in real life This is how he is so powerful and deadly because he doesn't need to physically be in the real world to personally kill you and take your soul (unless he wants to ofcourse.) and if he decapitates you in the dream world then you will be decapitated in reality and whatever death is vice versa.

Freddy's True n' Actual Weaknesses:

There are a lot of misconceptions I have seen online about Freddy's real weaknesses so I will state right now that these are his TRUE weaknesses!

1. Dream Demons: If the dream demons want to seek another "Evil" host they can and will, if they find someone who can get the drop done they will revoke the powers they gave to Freddy and bestow it upon someone else making him not just powerless but a soul who will be in hell for his sins.

2. Soul Removals: Finding a way to remove the souls from his body entirely will not just weaken Freddy but it will send him into purgatory or limbo until he is powered back up.

3. Forgetting: As shown in Freddy vs. Jason and helped keep Freddy weakened until finding Jason Voorhees, forgetting Freddy entirely will help severe his connection with the physical world, as with Number 2 without any memories/remembrance Freddy would be a starving animal in a cage because he has no way to interact unless he is using a 3rd party host for his deeds.

4. Time Travel: NOT SHOWN IN CANON! but a true weakness!! If a character is able to time-travel they can attempt to deny Freddy the power of the dream demons itself, I can't confirm or deny if the Dream Demons transcend time-space but given that they can give reality-warping abilities and immortality? its possible they can also travel time not just dimensions themselves.

Should be noted that "Fear" isn't listed because Fear is only a "resistance" it's not a weakness to defeat him within the dream world and there's no section for real world because we all know in the real world he can be temporarily stopped.
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