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Mob Land

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Mob Land Empty Mob Land

Post by ThePunisher August 5th 2023, 9:11 pm

John Travolta stars as the sheriff of a small town in this one. This town is economically depressed after losing its factory jobs. In addition, a local doctor has been handing out back-door oxycontin prescriptions and pays his secretary in cash. One man notices all this and has learned plenty of pills and cash. He convinces his brother-in-law to help him rob the place, saying that it'll be an easy job. After all, the people there are just too strung out to offer resistance.

Problems start when two people in the building fight back. They get shot by our two small town bandits. Worse, the oxycontin belongs to mobsters from New Orleans who send their "fixer" to fix things. Is it really worth trying to rip off anybody, even if your own economic situation is bad? Are you willing to deal with the consequences.?

This is a very bleak movie. Do you plan on seeing it?

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