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Rockefeller Reaper (Hard Gore Studios)

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Rockefeller Reaper (Hard Gore Studios) Empty Rockefeller Reaper (Hard Gore Studios)

Post by Jason Voorhees July 10th 2023, 9:44 am

Rockefeller Reaper (Hard Gore Studios) Img_2062

Photo Description: Me (Jason Todd Voorhees) in my Rockefeller Reaper Hood!

Links to Hard Gore Studios Facebook and Hard Gore Studios Instagram!

This is another product for any Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan fans, cosplayers, and collectors!

I have bought this beautiful Hood from Hard Gore Studios themselves! So if you are a Kane Hodder fan and a fan of the Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan Film this mask will be worth adding to your collections!

The Design

This amazingly designed Hood is sculpted by Jonathan Fuller over at TheJonFullerProject and being sold by Hard Gore Studios.

So just by appearance alone far this design is different from the Canonical appearance! But it's the same facial structure just far more detailed and just from looking at it? Honestly it does look alot better!

Wanna buy one?

Go to the links above for Hard Gore Studios for a purchase! The latex hood masks only come fully painted by him as he doesn't from what I remember sell blanks! But he does make Latex Hoods and Half-Face Hoods! All purchases will vary depending of your location so be aware that! What will also help is stating your head size so he can produce a mask that fits you!

My Thoughts

I waited years for this sculpted to be made and I told HGS (Hard Gore Studios) that I WILL be the first to purchase the Hood from him myself and so I did! I have the 1st Copy and I am in-love with the design and the color schemes!

It's definitely worth the wait in my opinion! Like with all artists you NEVER want to rush them! I waited and it turned out AMAZING! The Paintjob is DETAILED and LAYERED with different colors and blends! If someone saw it up-close you could see the dedication in what he does!

Other Information

Hard Gore Studios also has a Stan Winston Part 3 coming soon! He is already selling Remake Hoods! And is also going to be Selling a new Redesigned Part 7 Latex Hood and then a totally conceptually different Part 9 Hoods! They all look AMAZINGLY sculpted by Jonathan Fuller himself!


Like all my previous posts...DO NOT HARASS, TROLL, OR DEMAND ANYTHING FROM THIS ARTIST! show them the mutual respect and make faithful purchases! Scamming is the ULTIMATE FORM OF BEING A SCUMBAG!
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees

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