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Big Apple Butcher (A New Kind Of Fear Customs)

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Big Apple Butcher (A New Kind Of Fear Customs) Empty Big Apple Butcher (A New Kind Of Fear Customs)

Post by Jason Voorhees June 11th 2023, 7:48 pm

Big Apple Butcher (A New Kind Of Fear Customs) Received_965584764694915

“Facing your fear doesn't always conquer it.”

Official Links

Big Apple Butcher <- Latex Mask/Busts!
Big Apple Butcher Latex Mask <- Faceless Latex Mask!
Big Apple Butcher Bust <- 6-inch Mini-Bust!


Created from Scratch based on numerous reference pictures this Latex Mask, Bust, and Mini-Bust is based on Kane Hodders appearance in the 8th installment: Jason Takes Manhattan, where he plays the role of Jason Voorhees for the 2nd time and with that this beautiful piece is made by ANKF! It's a insanely accurate depiction for any avid Cosplayer, Collector, or fan to own!


I DO NOT promote scammers whatsoever! I personally promote people who I know I made any purchase from! I do not give out information about their address, prices, or private matters! make any and all payments through the official links! I am not paid to do this at all this post is an advertisement because I know ANKF and have his products! DO NOT HARASS OR ATTACK HIM OVER ORDERS! ANY AND ALL BUSINESS DEALS ARE DONE FROM AND BY HIM! AND HOCKEY MASKS AREN'T SOLD WITH THE LATEX MASKS EITHER!!
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