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Kill Her Goats Movie Review

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Kill Her Goats Movie Review Empty Kill Her Goats Movie Review

Post by Jason Voorhees April 4th 2023, 12:35 pm

Kill Her Goats Movie Review Khgr10

As I do with ANY and ALL my known movie reviews on this forum this is OFCOURSE my OPINION! I am NO "legitimate" movie reviewer but I am a person who loves promoting, getting out, and helping out movies within the horror genre! I am NOT paid to make these! I don't make ANY profit from helping out anyone with films and projects here on this forum! I am a very HONEST man who gives an HONEST OPINION! if you don't agree? that is fine! but DO NOT send any sort of hate, and biased remarks toward those in these films! it's disgusting behavior to attack those who make these types of projects! NO ONE is making you watch these films! you are ofcourse! so don't blame me or them! also, this forum post MIGHT contain some SPOILERS so BEWARE!

Movie wrote:Audra's graduation gift is her dream house, but it soon becomes a living nightmare when some uninvited guests come to her homecoming party who aren't very subtle about the fact they don't approve of the home's new owner.

OK! so bare with me...the overall plot IS everywhere in this film and it doesn't really make sense until later on so until April 28th, 2023 when it's released on digital you gotta honesty watch it to get what I am saying here so if you do just make sure you pay absolute ATTENTION!

but for rating-wise? I will have to give this a 2 out of 5 stars! Kill Her Goats Movie Review S211

Why? Because there should be more to it than what they give! the whole "they own a house but it's not theirs!" cliche has always been a thing and I can't as a horror/general movie fan can't be "mad" or "upset" as I set myself up based on a movie's entire depiction! it's a MINOR clickbait again until you watch it to understand it! (I highly suggest not bootlegging it either! I would rather you guys support them!)

Characters: the characters are of course supposed to be complete "Fodders" Here they are meant to be entirely killed off for the sake of both gore and development as most of this film IS plot/dialogue focused for the most part between the women leads and yes this is mostly females cast more than a male cast! you got your typical movie tropes which isn't a bad thing and then there is the course of "Nudity" and the sake of "Nudity" for these characters BUT again they weren't at all in my again my opinion to be super memorable unless you are thinking of their deaths and not their character development!

but for rating-wise? I will also have to give this a 2/5 stars Kill Her Goats Movie Review S211

Yeah, the overall development for this film couldn't save the characters as a whole!

I should start by stating straight-up that this was an entire and I mean an entire fan-supported horror film! this is all but limited because these women/men MIGHT not have prior acting skills, talent, and or how you believe it to be said! but they definitely get a C- to B- for me in the terms of their effort! they all had great chemistry with each other and that's what makes me enjoy the film for the most part, it wasn't purely some "awkward" or "cringe" and it should be noted some are debuting actresses and some aren't so I will NOT give a rating for them! Arielle Raycene (AUDRA) and Ellie Gonsalves (MISSY) were very telling that they were the ones who had been in filming and the rest were debuting, so I won't hassle them because they are first-timers.

But rating-wise? I will give this a 3/5 stars Kill Her Goats Movie Review S311

For me, it's all about chemistry and all about having both a professional and casual time and it really seems these women were having a blast of their own making this, and due to how short the casting was this rating couldn't make it past a 3-star!

Kills and Gore!
OK! NOW, THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE REVIEW! The absolute work, details, and setup to the kills were absolutely in my opinion well-done! the blood and gore were promised and they gave us that! I am talking about almost the Hatchet franchise type of blood and gore! what kind of slasher film wouldn't wanna do gore and blood? Of course, one kill was ever "off-screen" and a few looked "Choppy" The overall thing is? NO CGI! The actresses/actors were all rigged up with prosthetics, silicone molds, blood packets, and everything else! the overall for me was that it made up for the slow build-up even when the beginning showed us what we're gonna be expecting!

but rating-wise? I would give kills/Gore a nice 4/5 stars! Kill Her Goats Movie Review S411

"But wait you liked the kills! why 4/5? stars?" is what you are thinking right? now listen! the film has AT MINIMUM this film didn't give us a huge ole body count and it didn't show off the best off-screen kill so this is why! no offense of course to them it's likely due to filming budget or timing which I won't blame them!

Kane Hodder as Goatface!
Kill Her Goats Movie Review Kill-Her-Goats-Goatface-photo-marked

The legend himself the man behind the mask! Kane Hodder! takes on another slasher role the stunt/horror icon has been Jason, Leatherface, Freddy (Briefly), Victor Crowley, and now we as fans can add him as "Goatface" a new brutal and versatile killer! unlike most of his other roles! Kane is using new weapons! and paving blood in his new role! I will have to say double chainsaws reminded me of Dead Rising and seeing it in action was absolutely badass! I loved the way Kane gave this new silent slasher a more barbaric movement! you can see his body doing far more physical work in the gear he has on and he is surely showing off his workout routine and why he will always be Jason Voorhees/Victor Crowley!

but rating-wise? I will rate this a 5/5 stars! Kill Her Goats Movie Review S511

as anyone on this forum know I am a huge Kane Hodder fan but even then if I believe his performance wasn't good I wouldn't be shy away from saying it and man! he surely love this new character! it was something different and I have to say I hope to see more of Kane as a slasher!

Pros and Cons of Kill Her Goats


  • Decent acting
  • Promised Gore/Kills
  • No CGI
  • character development
  • creative weapons 
  • creative kills
  • 80's nudity homage 
  • good soundtracks


  • Alot of dialogue
  • Lack of more bodies
  • really weird plotline
  • too many long shots in the beginning
  • debuting actresses (not an overall bad thing!)
  • No BTS
  • No other special features

Bonus: Tributes? Easter eggs
This is something of a Bonus round for the review because not a lot of people in this new generation but older generation will understand the MANY easter eggs/tributes to the previous 70s/80s/90s and here is some that i have spotted for the sake of adding more content for this review since its kinda short!

  • Goatface jumping through a window (if I remember correctly!) is a reference to Friday the 13th Part 7 where Kane jumps through to get Tina!
  • West Craven is a reference to one of the fathers of horror himself Wes Craven the creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series!
  • Beginning Kills has to be a direct reference to Jason Goes to Hell! (again watch it on April 28th to see what i mean!)
  • The double-sided chainsaw is the most direct tribute to the Dead Rising game! (If not that's a bummer of course!)
  • The house where the lead live kinda looks like an appearance of Nancy Thompsons house from the front from ANOES!
  • The goathead MIGHT be an influence from the remake with "Jed Sawyer" wearing a cowshead

but rating-wise for these easter eggs? I would have to give it a 4/5 stars! Kill Her Goats Movie Review S411

Yup! A 4/5 for good reason! even IF these weren't "direct" references from the director's point of view it's still some amazing nods to the classics! and the most direct homage to the late great Wes Craven! Not many pay tribute to the ones who paved the way for future horror fans turned horror directors

My Official Rating!  Jason Kill V.1

Kill Her Goats Movie Review S311
3.3 out of  5 stars!

 I should say if YOU AREN'T a fan of a slow-paced horror/slasher film this isn't for you! but if you are a fan of a bloody/gory slasher film then this is for you! The overall quality of the film isn't bad for something on a limited budget! so keep in mind this is a FAN-FUNDED project! so not everything the writer/director wanted to envision for their film was ever either funded, filmed, or left off the ground! overall Steve Wolsh you have a lot of potential if you keep going without the need for CGI so in my opinion you created your own unique vision of your slasher film and hey that's all that matters that you love it and that you got to show it to the united states and then the world! hopefully, there is deleted scenes or more showing because this film had a lot of guts to make a sequel for if the budget was higher, more body count, and much more content!
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