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Voorhees: After The Beast

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Voorhees: After the Beast Empty Voorhees: After The Beast

Post by Jason Voorhees November 16th 2022, 10:52 pm


On October 26th 2022! I had asked Jason Pitts the original man behind Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Aka Bigfoot Vs Jason Voorhees) if there was a planned sequel or another F13 Fanfilm that he was working on and he replied with this on November 16th 2022!!!

Official Posters:

Voorhees: After the Beast 20221110
Voorhees: After the Beast 20221111

Voorhees: Night Of The Beast

If you havent seen the original here it is! And To Jason Pitts, James Stokes, and the entire staff and crew behind this project for getting 480k views as of this post! CONGRATULATIONS! 🥳
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