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creating your own Friday the 13th movie

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creating your own Friday the 13th movie Empty creating your own Friday the 13th movie

Post by jasn88cubs October 31st 2022, 6:31 pm

So I'm going a different way with this. Here's the guidelines

Let's say from each movie you could take 2 characters or 1, maximum 2, doesn't matter if they lived or not, and you could put those characters in a new Friday the 13th movie

What characters, from each film, would you put in the movie?

Also-how would you use the characters in the movie, and also what would your plot be and what "surprises" would you have and would you have any survivors?

Friday the 13th-Crazy Ralph-I feel like he would be a good one to have due to his history of the area, I would use him as a character that tries to scare the teenagers

Bill- I would use him as the leader of the group the one who put the trip together. He's the one that tries to act like a leader and butts heads with Ginny(who I will be picking)

Friday the 13th pt 2- Ginny- I picked her because she's reasonable, good head on her shoulders, and doesn't overreact. I would use her as the sensible one who is always thinking one step ahead and heard about Jason through her parents and wonders if there really is a Jason

Paul- Paul will be Ginny's boyfriend. He's cousins with Bill. He finds Ginny to be a bit to cautious and thinks to much. He wants her to enjoy life more. He doesn't believe in the history of Jason

Friday the 13th pt 3-Shelly- The Prankster, the guy who tries to impress everyone but just annoys them

Chris--Chris has a major crush on Bill and is Ginny's best friend.

Friday the 13th pt 4-Samantha- Sex Appeal is a big part of the franchise and I found Samantha sexy so she gets picked as the sex appeal

Jimmy- The awkward type who can't get women. He's going because of Samantha and he's going to try to get laid by her

Friday the 13th pt 5-Mayor Cobb-I'd have him as a bigger role where he endorses the history of Jason as uses it as a tourist attraction

Friday the 13th pt 6-Sherrif Garris-No Nonsense guy. Butts heads with Mayor Cobb alot. Thinks they need to stop "celebrating" the folklore of Jason

Megan-Sherrif Garris daughter, banned from going to Camp Crystal Lake but sneaks out to met her friends

Friday the 13th pt 7- Maddy-Samantha's best friend who is very closed up and a virgin. Has a crush on Jimmy and Samantha is trying to coach her into seducing Jimmy

Friday the 13th pt 8- Tamara- snotty, bratty, Bill's Girlfriend. She didn't wanna come out. She hates the bugs, the heat. She can't stand Ginny and looked down on her

Julius- This is his last hurrah before he goes off to try to be a professional boxer

Friday the 13th pt 9-Waitress Vicki Sanders--she waits on the group as they check out after eating lunch before they head to the lake

Jason X- no one none of them fit

Freddy vs Jason--no one, just couldn't fit anyone

Friday the 13th 2009-no one..just no one seemed to fit in

So my cast of teenagers is
Bill-The leader
Ginny-The sensible one
Paul-Ginny's boyfriend
Shelly- The jokester
Chris- Ginny's best friend
Jimmy-Awkward, trying to have sex with Samantha
Samantha-The sex appeal
Megan-Sherrif's daughter
Maddy- Smanatha's best friend, virgin, insecure
Tamara- Bill's girlfriend, snotty, hates Ginny
Julius- last hurrah before becoming pro boxer

The elders
Crazy Ralph-Tries to scare teenagers, been around the town forever
Mayor Cobb- Uses the past of Jason as a tourist attraction
Sherrif Garris- Hates the tourist attraction, constantly has to deal with Jason impersonators

Waitress Vicki Sanders

Starting off I would a part of the group at a diner outside of Crystal Lake, the Waitress Vicki Sanders gives them a hard time saying she bets the group will be scared and not stay at the cabins

There will be scenes of Sheriff Garris often scouting out Crystal Lake and Mayor Cobb telling him to back off and that his creation of "Celebrating" Jason has been the greatest thing for the town. Sherriff Garris saying "celebrating a bunch of dead people don't sound so great to me........MAYOR!"

4 or 5 of the teenagers run into Crazy Ralph who scares them and tells them they are not suppose to be here. Bill gets in Ralph's face and Paul pulls him off. Crazy Ralph says "You all have a death wish" and leaves

Finally all the teenagers are together at the camp besides Megan. Samantha informs them Megan will be attending but after she sneaks out due to her "controlling father"

Everyone hears a scream and it's Shelly!! No one can find him and BOOM out pops Shelly with a machete and in a hockey mask. A few of them were scared , a few laugh and Chris calls him a huge jerk and punches his arm. Shelly looks depressed and Paul tells him "Shelly just go one weekend where you can't be annoying, ok?" Ginny asks where he found the machete and Shelly says "it was laying here by the tree"

Samantha says she's going to the lake to check it out and Jimmy follows her

Ginny is on edge and Tamara mocks her and says "Aww are you afraid Jason is going to get you"

Ginny then tells the story of Jason as Paul rolls his eyes and calls it folklore. Ginny says "Paul plenty of people have died here! You call that folklore" Bill chimes in and says "and Jason was taken from the lake by the police when some Tommy Jarvis chained him"

Ginny says "oh and you SAW them take his body, what if they lied"

Bill says "come on Ginny , everyone knows the police DON'T lie, right" and winks at her

After a few hours everyone is split up doing their own thing

Megan sneaks out and shows up right as her father shows up! She hides as Sheriff Garris goes over the rules. Tamara says "you can just take me to jail, these bugs are outta control" he laughs and says "listen here honey, you wouldn't survive 1 hour in a jail cell" and takes off

Death 1:We then get a camera shot of Samantha at the lake, naked and tanning, with Jimmy spying. jimmy hears a crack behind him turns quickly and sees someone running. "It's probably that lunatic Ralph!" Jimmy ignores it and continues watching, he hears another crack "Ok you creep come here so I can see you!" he starts walking when a branch falls from a tree almost landing on him, he takes a deep sigh and lays against a tree when *BOOM* a knife goes across his throat

Samantha gets out of the lake and sees someone hurrying away, she instantly thinks it's Ralph, she is cautious going back to camp and gets scared as she runs into Julius and Shelly. Samantha screams at Shelly blaming him for watching her. I never was says Shelly. Julius defends him and tells Samantha to back off. Shelly takes off running and ignores Julius as JUlius chases after him

Death 2: Shelly is lost in the woods, carrying a hockey mask and some comical stuff. Shelly finds a shack that looks abandoned and goes and checks it out. It's run down and nasty looking. Shelly is about to leave when he sees some Porno mags. Shelly starts looking at them and he hears something outside "Oh s***" he starts worrying someone came back to the shack. He hides in a closet and he sees some big imposing guy with a sack over his head, the guy in the sack turns around and Shelly sees one eye is cut out. The imposing man notices someone was there so he starts looking, Shelly tries to sneak out but trips and falls face first. As he turns over the man is standing over and Shelly is killed

Death 3: As the man stands over Shelly he hears someone coming.. He picks up the mask and goes out a back door. In comes Julius "What the fu** is this place?" "YO SHELLY YOU IN HERE" he come sin the room where Shelly lays, face down, "man get your ass up" "come on Shelly, what if that crazy Ralph shows up or that damn sheriff" "SHELLY WAKE UP!!!" Julius kicks at Shelly and Shelly doens't move..."Shelly? Shelly" He rolls over Shelly and sees Shelly is dead. Julius screams and backs into the imposing man "You mother fu****!" Julius puts up his fist and starts throwing punches, the man falls and as Julius steps over him the man trip Julius who falls face first into a rake

Back at the camp dusk is starting to fall. Everyone is around the campfire. Maddy asks where Jimmy is, Samantha asks"Why you so curious?" and she just acts nervous. Ginny is paranoid and Paul tells her "it's a joke by Shelly, they are probably spying on us wanting to scare us"

The group tells scary stories as a car pulls up. Megan gets nervous but breathes seeply as it's just the Mayor, who introduces himself and gives them some Camp Crystal Lake/ Jason merchandise

Ginny asks where they took Jason's body from the lake and the Mayor is shocked by the question and stammers a answer. Ginny grills him some more as he gets defensive and tells her "your just as bad as Sheriff Garris, then his eyes meet Megan and he says "Well look at that, someone decided not to pay attention to daddy's orders, nice to see someone in your family has some sense!" he storms off in his car

Death 4: As the mayor goes down a road he's talking to himself cursing out that know it all girl and Sheriff Garris. He comes across a massive limb in the middle of the road. He looks shocked "wait a minute , that wasn't there 15 minutes ago". He sits looks behind him, debates on going back to the teenagers, "no no , come on it just fell like that, I guess" He gets out and starts to move the branch. After moving it, he gets back in ca, couple miles down road...another branch. "That Crazy Ralph I'm going to kick his" he doesn't finish teh sentence as a man in a hockey mask pops up from the back seat and kills the mayor

We cut to Sheriff Garris house who can't find Megan, he then realizes she's at Camp Crystal Lake

Back at camp, Samantha and Maddy are talking and Samantha tells Maddy tonight she loses her virginity. maddy says to who? Samantha says "Bill" Maddy says there's now ay he'd go for it

Samantha coaches her up and Maddy comes on to Bill as Samantha distracts Tamara

Bill and Maddy have sex in a cabin, as Maddy sits alone so excited, Bill leaves to go find Tamara "to double dip" Maddy acts hurt and throws a few things at him and storms out. Maddy goes back to her and Samantha's cabin and sees Samantha laying under the cover

DEATH 5:Samantha? Are you ok? UP POPS THE MAN, who stabs Maddy

Bill finds Tamara and Samantha and tells Samantha to get lost

Death 6: Samantha goes back to the cabin, she sees MADDY'S robe on her bed but can;t find her. She turns and Maddy is pinned to the door as Samtha scream, from behind is the man in teh hockey mask as he kills Samantha

Sheriff Garris is headed to Crystal Lake as he sees the mayor's car on the side of the road with Crazy Ralph looking in it. Sheriff stops as Crazy Ralph runs. Sheriff looks in the Mayor's car and falls over backwards after what he sees. He screams for Crazy Ralph and gives chase

Death 7:Chris feels bad for hitting Shelly earlier and is worried he is hiding from her. She walks through the woods to the lake to see if he's there. As she stands on the dock she gets pushed from behind an her had goes into the water as she drowns

Ginny is worried as it seems like no one is coming back. Paul says they are doing it to scare her and he bet Bill's behind it. Megan tells Ginny don't worry

Death 8:Tamara and Bill are having sex, Tamara is on top as the man in the hockey mask come sin with a spear. Bill see shim, tries screaming but can't and boom both are gone

Sheriff Garris gives up chase goes to car to drive to camp to get everyone out from Crazy Ralph who has lost it

He pulls up and sees Paul, ginny and Megan. Megan tries to epxlain but Garris says "get in the car now!" she asks what happened and he tells her Crazy Ralph has lost it. Just then we see Shelly dragging himself towards them Ginny screams as Garris runs over to check on him. Just then Shelly dies. Garris tells all 3 to lock themselves in a cabin he's looking for Ralph. Megan begs him not to but he doesn't lsiten

After a bout half hour Paul says they can't wait he's gonna look for the others. Ginny tries to stop him but can't

Megan and Ginny are left alone in cabin as in comes Crazy Ralph" HE'S ALIVE HE'S ALIVE!" the girls act scared as he runs up and says "I told you , you are all doomed, Jason is back!" Megan punches him as her and Ginny run out. They go for the cop car but the keys are missing. Crazy Ralph chases them tries to save them but they outrun him

Death 9: As Crazy Ralph catches his breath , a body falls from a tree next to him. It's Julius. Ralph backs up and runs right into Jason . Ralph states" I knew it ! I knew you were alive!" and Jason kills him

Ginny and Megan run through the woods screaming for Garris. They see, what looks like a man against a tree and it's Paul!! who is dead

Ginny and Megan then run to the shack, they go in and check it out, and see Garris knocked out but still alive

they wake Garris up as Jason comes in, Garris shoots Jason multiple times until he falls and is presumed dead

Garris takes the girls back to town and to hospital.

Later on it's found out that Crazy Ralph was Jason's father, who abandoned Pam when she gave birth to Jason. He had been spying on Pam for so long he knew about Jason and after Pam died he moved to Crystal Lake and no one knew him as he had changed his name which was originally Edgar

The next day Sheriff Garris and 2 others are at the empty shack to get Jason but he's gone! They hear something land behind them in a thud and it's Jason who kills them


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creating your own Friday the 13th movie Empty Re: creating your own Friday the 13th movie

Post by Jason Voorhees October 31st 2022, 6:31 pm

I'm already making 13 different F13 fanfilms all different storylines lol also this belongs more in the Fandom section more than the official movies section.
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