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Jason taking off the tea kettle

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Jason taking off the tea kettle Empty Jason taking off the tea kettle

Post by jasn88cubs September 15th 2022, 6:52 pm

in pt 2 awe saw him take the tea kettle off of Alice's stove

Why do you think he did that? It was whistling do you think he was afraid neighbors might hear it and it might get attention?

But why would he care? No one knew about him.

I know this sound like a pointless topic but it's just interesting to me. Why not just walk right out?
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Jason taking off the tea kettle Empty Re: Jason taking off the tea kettle

Post by OCT 31 1978 September 16th 2022, 5:13 am

So this is all speculation and opinion….
But I figured This was a call-back to the first movie.
Remember when Alice made coffee and the movie spent 5 minutes of it´s runtime for the entire process?
But is was Jason who finished it.

Also maybe it just hurt his ears lol.

I know I find That sound very annoying.

If you want To fill in the blanks of Jason’s backstory it could even be possible maybe he’s helped his mother in the past make tea and knows that you’re supposed to take it off once it whistles….. many options.
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