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Voorhees: Night of the Beast Fanfilm Review

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Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review Empty Voorhees: Night of the Beast Fanfilm Review

Post by Jason Voorhees August 5th 2022, 7:12 pm

Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review Img_2037


This review is NOT about pure hate, overall fanboying, or biased views but A PERSONAL and HONEST perception of the fan film: Voorhees: Night of the Beast! The rating system based on this review is based on a scale of 5 stars each point will be given an official rating, and to remind this is my opinion! I AM NOT A ROTTEN TOMATOES CRITIC I AM A FAN OF THE SERIES! I KEEP IT REAL! DO NOT HARASS, BELITTLE, OR MOCK THE PEOPLE BEHIND THESE FANFILMS! WE SUPPORT ANY/ALL UNLESS SAID OTHERWISE!

Spoilers Alert


Official Fanfilm


IMDB wrote:One of the main characters, named Mark is one of the kids that hid under the bed from Jason in Part 6. He is suffering from PTSD as a young adult from the experience, and his friends try to help him. At the same time, a group of Bigfoot hunters enter the forest in search of their prey. One of these is a young Creighton Duke. The two story lines collide and lead to an epic showdown between Jason and Bigfoot, while telling an origin story for Creighton Duke.

This will be done with a section of my review...

Jason Voorhees: Jason (James Stokes) seems to just be thrown in this Hunter Vs Cryptid situation but that's alright, they kept to the formula of Jason staying on the grounds of which is local, but that also Jason isn't the only entity sharing the grounds and this pits them against each other.

Bigfoot (Sasquatch): The Bigfoot (Jacob Southwick aka Madman Fulton) is being hunted by the Cryptid Hunters led by someone said Nelson, and co-Creighton Duke, it seems Bigfoot wanted to kill Jason just for the hell of it, despite the fact his kind doesn't really go into the section of crystal lake while also trying to survive an assault by the hunters themselves.

Creighton Duke: Creighton Duke (Cj Bernard) entire origin seems to be completely an original origin ignoring the backstory from and by Adam Marcus, this Duke seems to have beef with Jason due to Jason killing a bunch of Teenagers and so now he has the motive to rid Crystal Lake from Jason's presence.

It also has an undertone of explaining more Lore behind Crystal Lake and Jason...which I'll explain more later on in the Lore section of this review!

My Rating: Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S411 4/5 Stars now despite what most thing, this is something creative, and you have to give them some credit for their effort for making something that most wouldn't even consider despite some ideas being far lazier than others on Youtube.

Jason Voorhees Actor

Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review Mv5bzt11
James Stokes, plays Jason Voorhees in this film and I will give him a review on his performance as the iconic slasher so let me state this before everyone makes assumptions this is MY OPINION! no one has to take what I say seriously!  

Heavy Breathing: Heyo James, even tho I understand you are playing about 2/3 of Kane Hodder's Jason (Part 7/8) the heavy breathing should come as natural, not too unnatural, the Mask is constricting (I know lol!) but a few heavy breathing here and there will make your body language look more authentic and more realistic than what most have tried to do, especially when cosplaying/acting as Jason.

Head Tilting: Too much head-tilting even for me my man! yes, you got it down pack with the tilting side to side but just too much, Jason mostly ever does the signature tilt ever so very often when as Kane's Jason, when one does it too much it ruins that authenticity, especially over kills, Part 6 Jason would tilt out of pure curiosity as he was seemingly impressed with his new profound supernatural strength.

Body Movement and Body Speed: If we are doing Kane's Jason you gotta take his movements slowly and more like a "robotic zombie", pace yourself when walking, and make sure your head movement isn't TOO fast but not too slow, make sure when Jason is taking hits you gotta make sure he isn't reacting like a Human, as he is supposed to be a near-invulnerable zombie as Yes heavy impacts like from cars, and explosions would cause him to go down, its the art of that Jason recoil or he wouldn't be checking out his arm physically but looking at the damage (as with the fight with lance for example) and with the action combat scene, Jason wouldn't need to move so fast but wouldn't need to at charge or lunge, at anyone.

Body Build/Height: Perfect build and height, I do prefer Jason not being exaggerating huge, as with Steve Dash and Nick Castle (Both being around 5 ft 10 during their roles), and I see you are 6 ft 1, not bad at all! it's nice to see smaller Jason's on the screen instead of actors just being monstrously bigger (6 ft 6 and above), and so this is a perfect physical characteristic for the character.

My Rating:  Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S311 The actor James Stokes gets 3/5 stars, as I stated here his movement was just way to much unlike Jason, yes it's fan-made and this is my opinion of course, and I give him the ultimate praise for his physical build, and the head tilting, and his drive to the character great job James!

Jason Voorhees Design

Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review Un59vn11

Hockey Mask: As I stated this mask is called the Toxic Hellion and you can see more here: Toxic Hellion Hockey Mask, this is definitely one of my favorite custom Part 8 appearing Masks! and I didn't realize it was the same design mask for the film.

Clothing: The clothing isn't that much of a sight, it's a mix-up of Parts 6,7, and 8, the Gloves are obviously Part 6, the shredding of the clothes is Part 7, and the hood is Part 7, while the hock is Part 8, nothing wrong due to the budget and the prosthetics pieces, but could have been designed a lot better than what we got, the mask sadly doesn't save this section as an overall.

My Rating: Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S311 I give the costume design a solid but not high 3/5 stars, again it's original and that's what counts, but it could have been ALOT better with more additions in my opinion!

Bigfoot Actor

There is no real picture of the Bigfoot suit costume that I can find other than the film... so sadly not much to go off but the actor Jacob Southwick definitely could play a Bigfoot Role in the future film industry, the size and build of this man is what made it worth it, he stands at 6 foot 9, and does make Jason look tiny which he suppose to do.

The costume is VERY VERY basic with minor special effects and dreadlocks, now nothing is wrong but this costume could have also been designed a lot differently than what we can mostly see around the internet, but Jacob obviously enjoyed acting wild which gives me something here that he loved the role and kept to the character even during the fighting scene being all animalistic which he is supposed to be and not humanized like so many films have done to the creature.

My Rating: Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S311 Also a 3/5 rating ONLY due to the fact we haven't even seen the full make-up, and costume, not just that but we got more human scenes than Bigfoot Vs Jason, wished to have seen what else could have been for this character/actor.

The Actors


The majority of the acting was VERY bad! the only actors I've seen who did far better than the others, and I hate to say this but I think, some of them could have at least taken the roles more seriously, some of them didn't give that emotion to the dialogue, didn't get that motivation to act as if things were hitting the fan, and overall, the actors playing Jason, Bigfoot, Duke, Nelson, Ralph's Cousin, and the Paul character just seemed to outclass the rest, in energy for the film.

My Rating:  Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S112 1/5 again I am being honest the acting was not up to par with what we saw from the other cast, and I will say its no different than the other youtube fan films online, and I don't blame them or the director for the casting as not many get the chance to be a fan film, just wish they had the chops for it motivation/energy wise.


Osmodius: As explained by Nelson: "Centuries ago, when my people inhabited this land, they encountered an ancient evil, Osmodius, this demon of lust ripped through anyone in the tribe guilty of that sin, until one day the tribe's most powerful shaman battled Osmodius, and bounded him tying him to this lake, afterward my people avoided the lake and all the land around it, you see from that moment to this day that land is cursed." this entity is the lore behind the lake and the grounds being evil and cursed due to so much bloodshed.  

Necronomicon: As explained by Nelson in the fan film, Osmodius was given permission by Pamela Voorhees when she read from the book when asked about the ancient magic, but instead devoted to using black magic (Dark Magic) to resurrect her son, this is the reason behind the motivation for the appearance of this book.

My Rating: Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S411 My official rating for this section of lore is a 4/5 Stars, and the reason is that even when adding the Necronomicon it's just way too obvious for any plot behind the lore, I for one never liked this concept so no offense to my man Adam Marcus, but it's not necessarily needed, now I am heavily interested with the Osmodius demon character and hope if you do make a sequel that you focus more like an actual flashback sequence because that's nothing new but also not new because it reminds me of the comics telling of how natives cursed the ground but Mr.Pitt yours add more of a physical demon upon the concept of lust so keep that in! this is why I give this 4/5 stars! simply that a far more ancient evil separate from the book of the dead is far more original/interesting to me than the book so that's a plus from me, Mr.Pitts.


Ooooh man...the wasn't at what I would have hoped but again this is sadly a low-budget fan film which I do wish all fan films get their high-budget goals, but the kills weren't that brutal or newer to me, the best Kill in this film was probably the two cops, a two in one kill is always amazing to see but the stabbing of Lance and the other characters weren't having me invested into the overall gore and blood.

Hopefully, if the budget is better we can see more professional practical effects in the future because as a horror fan the blood, gore, and body count are what makes a slasher flick.

My Rating: Voorhees: Night of the Beast (Fanfilm) Review S211 My official rating for this section is 2/5 stars, again sadly low budget films can't all be good with what they have, but Mr.Pitt you did your best and that's all that matters hopefully in the future you and your crew gets a bigger budget/help!

Pros and Cons

The Pros:
  • Original Story (Jason vs a Mythical Creature aka Bigfoot)
  • Original Jason Design (Especially the Hockey mask!)
  • Semi-Original Bigfoot Design
  • The Titular actors aren't bad at acting
  • Solid Lore despite the Necronomicon.
  • Nods/Callbacks to the canon films

The Cons:
  • Low-Budget (Sadly)
  • No notable kills
  • Necronomicon is being introduced
  • The cast had bad acting
  • lack of body counts
  • no real swimming Jason scenes
  • Jason is barely stalking his victims
  • No versatile weapon kills


Voorhees: Night of the Beast gets a.....

2.8/5 Stars

Now again I will REPEAT this is a fan film and that this is MY OPINION and they aka the production/crew did not get the proper funds like so many other fan films have and that this isn't a horrible score! It was almost at 3 out of 5 stars from me! so I DO NOT blame the director/writer, as I commented/stated the lore and story as I repeat are interesting and creative, lacks the kills, and proper acting but I can't simply fault them for that, overall it's an interesting fanfilm in its own way/right, it's not every day you actually see a fan film where Jason fights Bigfoot, and getting Jason into a hybrid demon/human/zombie, it's rating here will be very different than others, but for me and by the calculations, it's 2.8 out of 5 stars! so overall to the director/writer aka Mr. Jason Pitts you created something unique and creative, don't let this discourage you! instead, take this as the ultimate form of feedback/criticism I know some won't give you some, and where some will either sugarcoat it to avoid giving you an open thought so I don't want to lie to you like so many would and hell some will just hate to hate! you got ALOT of potential for a trilogy here and I hope you see that with this review! you can think of new stuff from kills, costumes, and casting!

Bonus: Helpful Criticism

Never AFRAID to think outside the box! If you need help looking for those who wanna help you with masks, costumes, and props I suggest looking at this link! Friday the 13th Indie Mask and Clothes and Equipment Artists as you already know Emperorpalpatony who did the original mask, and I am 1000% there is indie creators in this list who will love to help you! we all want to support others in the Friday the 13th community! so hopefully you continue!
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