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Jason Voorhees Kill Count (Friday the 13th Body Count)

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Jason Voorhees Kill Count (Friday the 13th Body Count) Empty Jason Voorhees Kill Count (Friday the 13th Body Count)

Post by Jason Voorhees August 18th 2017, 2:33 pm

Jason Voorhees Kill Count (Friday the 13th Body Count) Jason-Voorhees-Body-Count

About this Body Count!

These are by JASON VOORHEES himself not people who arent him so Friday the 13th (Original) and Friday the 13th: A New Beginning will not be included for this kill count!

Also remind yourself that this also includes the Unknown kills within the specific films and will be labeled under Note sections to help people understand better at what is happening! This isn't including ANY of the Novelizations! No video games! and etc just the film series!

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Victim 1: Alice - stabbed in the temple with an ice pick

Victim 2: Crazy Ralph - Strangled to death with barbed wire

Victim 3: Policeman - hammer claw to back of the head

Victim 4: Scott - throat slit with the top end of a machete

Victim 5: Terry - Killed off-screen

Victim 6: Mark - macheted in the face

Victim 7: Jeff - one of two double impaling with a spear.

Victim 8: Sandra - two of two double impaling with a spear

Victim 9: Vickie - stabbed in chest/sternum

Friday the 13th Part III (1982)

Victim 1: Harold - meat cleaver to chest

Victim 2: Edna - knitting needle to the back of the head

Victim 3: Fox - pinned to the rafter with a pitchfork through the neck

Victim 4: Loco - pitchfork to the stomach

Victim 5: Shelly - throat slashed (offscreen)

Victim 6: Vera - spear fired into the eye

Victim 7: Andy - macheted in half while walking on hands

Victim 8: Debbie - knifed through the chest from beneath hammock.

Victim 9: Debbie/Andy Unborn Child - Indirectly killed by Jason through killing debbie.

Victim 10: Chuck - electrocuted on the fuse box at the Higgins house.

Victim 11: Chili - impaled with a fireplace poker through the chest by Jason Voorhees.

Victim 12: Rick - head squeezed until eye pops out by Jason Voorhees.

Victim 13: Ali - Bludgeoned with a wrench, later recovers and has arm hacked off with a machete and then chopped with a machete by Jason Voorhees.

Note: It IS up to people if they count Debbie's and Andy's unborn child as a Victim but again the baby wasn't fully developed and was still in its early stages to be considered a limit kill since Jason' didn't know she was pregnant but is still added as indirectly.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Victim 1: Axel - surgical hacksaw to the throat, neck twisted and broken by Jason.

Victim 2: Nurse Morgan - gutted with a scalpel by Jason.

Victim 3: Hitchhiker - knife through the back of the neck.

Victim 4: Samantha - knife through the torso while laying in a raft.

Victim 5: Paul - spear to the groin while climbing onto a pier.

Victim 6: Terri - spear in the back.

Victim 7: Mrs. Jarvis - killed offscreen.

Victim 8: Jimmy - corkscrew through the hand, then a meat cleaver to the face.

Victim 9: Tina - thrown through a window and lands on a parked car.

Victim 10: Ted - knife to the back of the head through the movie screen.

Victim 11: Doug - head crushed by Jason's bare hands against the bathroom wall.

Victim 12: Sara - ax to the chest through the front door.

Victim 13: Rob - garden harrow to the throat.

Note: Mrs.Jarvis death was confirmed in a deleted scene that was removed to avoid copying and pasting previous endings of the franchise.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

Victim 1: Allen - heart ripped out of his chest by Jason.

Victim 2: Darren - spear to stomach and tossed aside by Jason.

Victim 3: Lizbeth - speared through the mouth/head by Jason with a gate fence.

Victim 4: Burt - arm ripped off, thrown into a tree, death on impact.

Victim 5: Stan with one out of three triple decapitations with a machete.

Victim 6: Katie with two out of three triple decapitations with a machete.

Victim 7: Larry with three out of three triple decapitations with a machete.

Victim 8: Martin - broken bottle in the throat by Jason Voorhees.

Victim 9: Steven - one out of two double impalements with a machete on their motorcycle.

Victim 10: Annette - double impalement with a machete on their motorcycle.

Victim 11: Nikki - face crushed against RV wall.

Victim 12: Cort - hunting knife in the head.

Victim 13: Roy - chopped to pieces by Jason and his appendages found in the forest by officers.

Victim 14: Sissy - head ripped off 360 by Jason.

Victim 15: Paula - hacked up with a machete by Jason.

Victim 16: Officer Thornton - dart in the forehead.

Victim 17: Officer Pappas - head crushed in Jason's bare hands.

Victim 18: Sheriff Garris - bent backward and broken in half.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

Victim 1: Jane - tent spike in the neck, impaled to a tree

Victim 2: Michael - tent spike threw into his back, and lifted up.

Victim 3: Dan - Jason's hand punched through his chest and his neck broken

Victim 4: Judy - slammed against a tree in her sleeping bag

Victim 5: Russell - axe swing to the face instant death.

Victim 6: Sandra - pulled underwater and drowned by Jason.

Victim 7: Maddy - took a scythe in the through the neck.

Victim 8: Ben - head is completely crushed in Jason's bare hands.

Victim 9: Kate - party horn in the eye by Jason.

Victim 10: David - butcher knife in the stomach, beheaded (offscreen)

Victim 11: Eddie - throat sliced with a machete

Victim 12: Robin - thrown through a window

Victim 13: Amanda Shepard - impaled through the chest from behind with brush hook while being held by Dr.Crews.

Victim 14: Dr. Crews - Killed with a tree-trimming/weed whacker saw to the stomach.

Victim 15: Melissa - axe to the face by Jason.

Note: This would be 16 Kills if you count the original cut ending where Jason drags a lone fisherman into the water from his boat to kill him.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Victim 1: Jim - stabbed with a spear gun

Victim 2: Suzi - stabbed with a spear

Victim 3: J.J. - bashed in the head with her electric guitar

Victim 4: Boxer - hot sauna rock in the chest

Victim 5: Tamara - stabbed with multiple mirror shards

Victim 6: Jim Carlson - harpooned in back

Victim 7: Admiral Robertson - throat slit with a knife

Victim 9: Eva - strangled

Victim 10: Wayne - electrocuted on a control panel

Victim 12: Miles - impaled on antenna

Victim 13: Deck Hand - ax to the back

Victim 14: Gang Banger No.1 - stabbed through the back with his own syringe

Victim 15: Gang Banger No.2 - bashed and scalded on a steam pipe

Victim 16: Julius - decapitated by a punch

Victim 17: Irish Cop - dragged into an alley, killed offscreen

Victim 18: Diner Cook - Supernaturally thrown to a glass mirror.

Victim 19: Charles McCullough - drowned in a barrel of sewage.

Victim 20: Sanitation Worker - bashed in the head with a wrench.

Note: This does not include the deaths of the other students when Jason indirectly sunk the ship when there were 22 other students its up to you to count these kills or not due to them being off-screen/unmentioned later making this with estimates 42 victims.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

Victim 1: Coroner - eats Jason's heart and becomes possessed.

Victim 2: Coroner's Assistant - Autopsy probe in the back of the head, face pushed through a metal grating.

Victim 3: FBI Agent No.1 - pencil through his spinal cord (offscreen)

Victim 4: FBI Agent No.2 - fingers through his skull (offscreen)

Victim 5: Camper Alexis - slashed up with a straight razor.

Victim 6: Camper Deborah - stabbed through the back with a metal post and ripped in half.

Victim 7: Camper Luke - head crushed (offscreen)

Victim 8: Edna - head slammed in a car door.

Victim 9: Josh - possessed by Jason, shot in the head and impaled with poker, later melts away after demon leaves body.

Victim 10: Diana Kimble - knife-sharpening pole in back.

Victim 11: Robert Campbell - possessed by Jason, later shot in the head, run over with a car, impaled on a barbecue skewer.

Victim 12: Officer Ryan - head bashed against a locker.

Victim 13: Officer Mark - one of two head bashed together with Officer Brian.

Victim 14: Officer Brian - two of two heads bashed together with Officer Mark.

Victim 15: Ward - arm broken, falls dead through the diner doors.

Victim 16: Diner Patron No.1 - crushed onto diner counter.

Victim 17: Diner Patron No.2 - caught by stray shotgun blast.

Victim 18: Shelby - burned to death on a deep-fat fryer and grill.

Victim 19: Joey B. - face bashed in by Robert's elbow.

Victim 20: Vicki - impaled on a barbecue skewer, head crushed by Robert.

Victim 21: Randy - possessed by Jason, later his neck is severed with a machete.

Victim 22: Creighton Duke - chest and back crushed by Jason bear hugging him.

Note: Adam Marcus states that Creighton Duke survived the bear hug but due to this being additional he is still added for the sake of it.

Jason X (2001)

Victim 1: Private Johnson - chain wrapped around the neck and suffocated by Jason after being freed.

Victim 2: Guard 1 - machine gun blow to the head caused by jason.

Victim 3: Guard 2 - choked and thrown, shot by Guard 3.

Victim 4: Guard 3 - face bashed in by noose pole.

Victim 5: Guard 4 - choked by a chain around the neck.

Victim 6: Dr. Wimmer - impaled by noose pole

Victim 7: Sgt. Marcus - thrown through metal door

Victim 8: Adrienne - face was frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on the counter

Victim 9: Stoney - stabbed in the stomach with a space machete

Victim 10: Azrael - back broken over the knee

Victim 11: Dallas - head crushed against a wall

Victim 12: Sven - neck broken by slowly twisting it

Victim 13: Condor - impaled on large mining drill

Victim 14: Geko - throat slit with space machete

Victim 15: Briggs - impaled on large hook

Victim 16: Kicker - Cut in half with a space machete

Victim 17: Fat Lou - Cut into pieces (offscreen)

Victim 18: Professor Lowe - decapitated (offscreen)

Victim 19: Crutch - electrocuted on pilot console

Victim 20: Waylander - back broken by Jason, dies in walkway explosion.

Victim 21: Janessa - sucked through the metal grate into space due to Jason puncturing a hole.

Victim 22: Sgt. Brodski - dies entering Earth 2's atmosphere while holding onto Uber-Jason

Note: More Optional! If you count the Virtual girls then its Victim 23 and Victim 24 for this film and if you do not thats also fine.

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Victim 1: Trey - stabbed with machete repeatedly, folded in half in bed.

Victim 2: Blake's Dad - decapitated by machete.

Victim 3: Blake - slashed with a machete.

Victim 4: Frisell (Glow Sticks Raver) impaled.

Victim 5: Gibb - double impalement with a long pipe.

Victim 6: Shack's Friend - head twisted around.

Victim 7: Shack - impaled by flaming machete.

Victim 8: Raver No.1 - sliced with a machete.

Victim 9: Raver No.2 - sliced with a machete.

Victim 10: Raver No.3 - slashed in the shoulder.

Victim 11: Raver No.4 - sliced in the stomach with a machete.

Victim 12: Raver No.5 - slashed with a machete.

Victim 13: Raver No.6 - slashed with a Machete.

Victim 14: Raver No.7 - slashed with a Machete.

Victim 15: Raver No.8 - Slashed with a Machete.

Victim 16: Security Guard - crushed by a heavy door.

Victim 17: Deputy Stubbs - electrocuted on the console.

Victim 18: Freeburg - chopped in half with a machete by Jason when possessed by Freddy Krueger.

Victim 19: Linderman - impaled on shelf bracket and bled out.

Victim 20: Kia - slashed with machete and thrust into a tree.

Victim 21: Freddy Krueger - arm ripped off his own glove rammed through the torso by Jason then Decapitated by Lori.

Friday the 13th (2009)

Victim 1: Wade - Ear cut off and stabbed with a machete.

Victim 2: Amanda - Burned and suffered smoke inhalation while hanging in a sleeping bag.

Victim 3: Mike - stabbed multiple times through floorboard in foot and leg. Pulled underfloor and killed.

Victim 4: Richie - foot caught in a bear trap, head split in half by machete.

Victim 5: Donnie - Neck slashed by machete.

Victim 6: Nolan - Arrow shot into the head while on a speed boat.

Victim 7: Chelsea - Machete thrust into the top of the head through the lake pier.

Victim 8: Chewie - Stabbed in neck with a screwdriver and choked on own blood.

Victim 9: Lawrence - Axe threw into the back and pressed through the chest.

Victim 10: Bree - Body thrust on the antler door hook.

Victim 11: Officer Bracke - fireplace poker stabbed into the eye.

Victim 12: Trent DeMarco - Stabbed through the chest with a machete and thrown on spikes on the back of a tow truck.

Victim 13: Jenna - Stabbed through the chest with a machete.

Overall Body Count

Jason Voorhees has the highest known confirmed body count within the horror slasher genre with over confirmed 153-189 kills with either the solaris 19,436 kills or Composited 24,438 kills! If we're going without the Solaris/Animal Deaths from Jason X, but overall with the unlisted kills then Jason has 189 kills under his name!

Note: Unlike us fans! Kane Hodder himself directly states he doesn't count the Solaris kills personally.

Original Timeline:
9+13+13+18+15+20+22+22+21= 153 Kills

Composite: 9+13+13+18+15+20+22+22+21+13= 166 Kills (Listed)

Composite 2: 9+13+13+18+16+42+22+22+21+13= 189 Kills (This is adding the "Estimates" aka the ones people don't usually add up!)

Reboot Jason Only Kills: 13 Kills

Adding Solaris Kills:


With the accidental animals.....

207+17+4713+3+14+1=4,955 Kills

Original+Solaris Kills Only:

9+12+13+18+15+20+23+23+18+19,272=19,423 Kills (No Reboot Kills Added!)

Original+Solaris Kills+Reboot:

9+12+13+18+15+20+23+23+18+13+19,272=19,436 Kills (No Reboot Kills Added!)

Jason Voorhees Total Body Count:

9+13+13+18+16+42+22+22+22+21+13+19,272+207+17+4713+3+14+1= 24,438

(Human+Animal+Estimates Deaths Overall!)

9+13+13+18+16+42+22+22+21+13=189 Kills

(Human/Estimates with No Animals/Solaris Deaths Overall!)

Confirmed Numbers for Jason X!

Todd Farmer Confirms Jason Solaris Kill Count

Click the link to see the confirmation!
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