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Part 3 Jason Voorhees Cosplay Guide

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Part 3 Jason Voorhees Cosplay Guide Empty Part 3 Jason Voorhees Cosplay Guide

Post by Jason Voorhees March 30th 2020, 9:09 pm

Part 3 Jason Voorhees Cosplay Guide Friday10


Mask: Hockey Mask
Shirt: Grey or White T-Shirt with an Olive Green (6 Button) Sears Work Shirt or a Olive Green Dickies Men's Long-Sleeve Work Shirt over it.
Pants: Barely Weathered Khaki or Silver-Grey Dickie Pants with a Basket Weave belt.
Boots: Weathered Vintage Black Genesco Jump Boots


Collins 22" MK Machete
Vintage Plumb Felling Axe

More and Better Information for those curious about History/More Explanation! Click this link to Horror Costume Index: Horror Costume Index
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