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Bad Samaritan movie 2018

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Bad Samaritan movie 2018 Empty Bad Samaritan movie 2018

Post by ThePunisher March 11th 2022, 7:32 pm

This movie came out on the premise that two valets were taking cars with GPS on board, going to wealthy homes, and stealing the owners blind while they ate steak and drank fine liquor.

They get in trouble when the city's only(?) serial killer shows up with an attitude to meet his extremely great looking date. Upon getting to his house, the valet/cat burglar finds a freshly mailed Black credit card still sealed in the envelope. He sits on the bed and activates the car, while wrinkling the bed sheets. He goes into Mr. Serial Killer's dark home office, turns on the computer and nothing else. That's when he finds the checkbook and uses his cell phone to take a picture for the account and routing numbers. That's when he finds the girl all chained up in a chair.

Things go downhill from here. Has anyone seen this?
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Bad Samaritan movie 2018 Empty Re: Bad Samaritan movie 2018

Post by OCT 31 1978 March 11th 2022, 9:57 pm

I remember seeing it a while ago David Tennet played the serial killer I believe and he is one hell of an actor that much I remember.

I remember liking the movie and Davids character was one step ahead of everyone in the movie too If I am not mistaken.
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