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inspiring movie scenes

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inspiring movie scenes Empty inspiring movie scenes

Post by ThePunisher March 11th 2022, 7:23 pm

A while back I saw a movie called Gridiron Gang starring Dewayne " The Rock" Johnson. He is in charge of this youth facility for gang kids, kids who rob liquor stores, steal cars, and other forms of mayhem. He's tired of seeing kids get released only to come right back.

He gets this idea to form a football team to teach kids how to work as a team, and hopefully become winners. He gets all the uniforms, equipment and trains them as a team. Before the first game, in the locker room, he talks to the team. He tells them that this is the time to bring it all together and to show people that " even though you're locked up, you're somebody".

I found it inspiring. I even wanted to pump my fist in the air as he said that.

Have you ever been inspired by a scene in a movie? Tell me about it.

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