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Post by Jason Voorhees December 11th 2021, 2:37 pm

Official Verified Users List

@Mario Kirner - Private collector Mario Kirner has acquired quite a collection of screen used Friday the 13th props over the past 15 years and is now putting his non-profit collection together for fans of Jason in his FRIDAY THE 13th PROPS MUSEUM BOOK.

@OCT 31 1978 - This man creates amazing custom Jason Voorhees figures! I bought my 1st Part 7 Jason Custom from him!

@J3 Costumes - James I. is the man behind my career as a Jason Voorhees Cosplayer! He has made my Part 7 Jason and Pre-Uber Jason costume! and soon to be much more businesses between me and him! one of the most friendly sellers out there and gets me excited for any and all new content he brings out!

@mattshotcha - Matt doesn't need any introduction! the man had helped in the development of Friday the 13th the Game itself! and it's an HONOR to have him here!

@James Shaver - James S. is an indie sculptor of latex masks who owns KarolinaKiwiCreation on Etsy! He is also like James I. with being a very friendly and supportive human being! he does much stuff for the horror community!

@Fairloke - A big Friday the 13th fan turned artist! her art is simply unique and amazing! she has created some iconic work pieces that you might have seen on Google itself!

What are Verified users?

These users have been granted their level for their contributions to the Friday the 13th Community from making Hockey masks, props, costumes, books, and action figures, artworks, and yes even their cosplays! these amazing users will be immortalized on this forum for their work and influence on any and all fans and for keeping the spirit of the franchise going!
How do I get certified?

1. Celebrities are automatically added. (Examples: Kane Hodder, Tom Mcloughlin, C.J, Graham, and any Official F13 Personals)

2. Cosplayers who have influenced the community greatly. (Examples: 13 Gallows Lane, Frankie the 13th, Ania Voorhees and etc)

3. Artists who make masks, costumes, art, and props who are widely creditable and easy to access. (Examples: J3 Jason Costumes, HorrorFXDesigns, Hardgore Studios, and Fairloke.)

Only 2. and 3. will lose their certified status if they break multiple rules or are committed in acts of disgusting actions! (Example: Rape, Pedophilia, Incest and or anything that isn't mortally accepted.)

If you think you should be on this list as a influencer for the community/franchise just DM me!
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees

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