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Who hates seed of chucky

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Who hates seed of chucky Empty Who hates seed of chucky

Post by Jasonvoorhees13th August 15th 2021, 6:41 am

It's a bad child's play movie that happened to pretty much have mediocre comedy content and lame things and it's a stupid horror movie from 2004 c'mon child's play 1 2 3 bride curse cult and the remake and the upcoming Tv series is 100% better than this pile of Goat Crap Even a Brittany Spears wannabe is killed by chucky glen peeing himself in a nightmare While A little girl is saying You're Pissing your pants the abusive owner is a biker having a poorly made ventriloquist stage and glen sees a tv for a fictional sequel Chucky Goes Psycho also the ending is lame 5 years later in 2009 he receives chucky's arm Pretty stupid such a lame chucky movie

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Who hates seed of chucky Empty Re: Who hates seed of chucky

Post by Jason Voorhees August 15th 2021, 7:26 am

I personally wouldnt say I "Hate" it but I def wouldnt put it in my Top 3 or Top 5 for any Childs Play based Media.

I understand that Don Mancini wanted to represent the LGBT+ community with the whole finding your identity and showing just how complex it is for people.

Glen/Glenda wasnt the worse part of the film either, but yeah I surely thought to myself like...

"How did Chucky even box and sell himself??"
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