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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Timeline is Officially Solved


All information for solving this timeline will be posted within the thread for everyone to see and read! If you aren't a fan of a Canonical timeline then that is on you! this forum post is meant for those who want to help piece together this franchise history! so thank you to those who enjoy it, share it, and want to help solve this even more! I enjoy doing my research and giving away new information!

Timeline #1 Solution: The Script

Script Evidence No.1

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Img_2056
(Credit to  @Mario Kirner for this screenshot!)

The official script given to Tina Shepard during the prologue we saw for Friday the 13th: The New Blood is when she was only about Twelve years old during the opening scene between John and Amanda Shepard.

Script Evidence No.2

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Img_2085
(Credit to  @Mario Kirner for this screenshot!)

Another heavy indicator of this time jump is this direct statement about Jason Voorhees being at the bottom of crystal lake more than 7-years after the events of Jason Lives! If we do more math solutions again as I did in my original online thread it will help give everyone a proper visual idea of what I am doing! this visual chart is from the logical placement of 1990 the most considered canon-timeline wise for Jason Lives

The 1990 Chart

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Timeli10

As you can see this timeline can place Part VII into a canonicalized timeline depending on which side you are on! this is a 1/3 solution as it places Part 8 and any of the new line cinema films in a proper timeline for JGTH, and Freddy vs Jason! And how you ask?

Evidence 1: Writers for Freddy Vs Jason!

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Fvj_qu10

Evidence 2: Writer for Jason Goes to Hell!

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Adam_m10

Timeline #3 Solution: Alternative Year

What would I mean about an Alternative year? well if anyone read my Tommy Jarvis timeline post some would see the Part V year and then you have fans who believe Part V/VI happens in the same year which could/can be possible given as mentioned here that Tommy has no MM/DD for his birth but only the year (1984-12=1972)

The 1989 Chart

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Timeli11

This still places Part VII in the 2000s and still gives a window for Part 8, Jason goes to Hell, and Freddy Vs Jason! the difference? only by a year! so again this could/can be canonized depending on which team you are on as one side of the fanbase says it takes place in 1990 a year later from 1989 and then you have those with the 1989 timeline where Part V/VI is the same year! This is a 2/3 solution for this timeline!

Timeline #3 Solution: Tom Mcloughlin

Skip to 3:37 and end at 4:06

Tom Mcloughlin himself the writer/director of Jason Lives states that his film for the Friday the 13th franchise takes place in 1986 and not at the end of the 1980s or at the start of the 1990s! I also made another visual chart for everyone to follow!!

Topics tagged under 1 on Friday the 13th Website Timeli12

Following this legend's own interpretation of what year his own film takes place, it would make Part 7 in the very Late 1990s and give a bigger timeline gap for Part 8 and Part 9! This is the 3/3 Solution!

The con to this solution is that if it takes place in 1986 then this means Tommy would have been 15 or 16 years old during this time! So also consider this when you are trying to canonized this placement.

Additional Information

This is to also answer the many questions that a lot of people might or would have for my post! if you wanna ask me something post it down below! I am willing to answer any and all questions relating to the timelines!

Question: What about John Buechler's statement about it being 10+ years?

My Answer: This can be chalked up to him adding an estimate timelapse between Part 6 and Part 7 as the script does allude to 7+ but it's never explicitly stated! BUT if it was a 10+ year time skip it would be WAY into the future of events! it would mean Part VII is in the early 2000s and it logically wouldn't place in the timeline whatsoever making the film indirectly non-canon!

Question: What about Jason Takes Manhattan placement?

My Answer: As mentioned in the post from/by Adam Marcus himself where he said that the company told him to ignore Part 8 and to follow up from Part VII which we can logically make sense of due to the deleted scene of Part VII ending where Jason grabs a fisherman, the new clothes, and why Jason looks the way he does as Jason's hands look more like Part 7 more than Part 8 ever did so we can confer that the clothes are new as he has done in Part 3 and that this takes place mid or late 2001 and later into the mid-2003 for the FVJ timeline, so yes if you aren't a fan of Part 8 you can by your own opinion/will ignore it but people like me? I believe it can work as either the same year as Part VII or a gap between them! again this is up to the fans own feelings and not just my own!

Question: What about the FBI?? Didn't they need evidence?

My Answer Given the situation from Jason Lives who is to say that the higher feds wasn't keeping tabs? and with the events of Part VII its safe to assume they knew exactly what was happening and finally did something!

Question: Explain Jason's clothing and physical change from Part 7 to JGTH?!

My Answer: As I mentioned Jason could/can/would have stolen someone's clothes and given that Jason clearly had awhile to heal it makes sense that his decayed skin would turn back into a more "living" and flesh-tone appearance!

Question: Are any of these even Canon?

My Answer: MANY fans, theorists, debaters, and etc could/can use my research to pin-point their own canonical placement as ALOT of things can be placed but as anyone can see from the evidence and the charts that this isn't fan-made knowledge but official aka canonical information from the writers/directors of the films themselves!

Question: Who cares about Canon and official timelines?

My Answer: MANY fans of the series do care as this will help them in their own pursuit for fan-films, fan-comics, and etc and this will help make the timeline more consistent and more logical for everyone to understand as well as limiting research issues that people will have!

As for Tina's birth year as mentioned above for each difference in the timelines

Timeline 1#: Tina Shepard would have been born in 1985

Timeline 2#: Tina Shepard would have been born in 1984

Timeline 3#: Tina Shepard would have been born in 1981

and again there is no MM/DD for either Tommy/Tina so these timelines can be them in mid-birthday years and make them a lot older for example Part V is said that Tommy is 17 but they never implied he just turned 17 or that he recently had a birthday and that he has been 17 for a while when he was transferred to Pinehurst!

My Other Timeline Posts!

by Jason Voorhees
on June 19th 2023, 3:56 am
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Topic: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Timeline is Officially Solved
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Did Jason's actions in Manhattan lead to Goes To Hell opening scene?

Lore-wise, there are two possible outcomes to how Jason ended up back in Crystal Lake.

Outcome #1 - The New Blood Resurrection:

At the end of New Blood, Jason is pulled into the lake by the corpse of Tina's father. I always felt this was one of the weakest Jason deaths in the series. I guess after being impaled with nails, electrocuted, thrown through stairs, hung, shot at, set on fire, and surviving a house explosion, our favourite masked slasher just didn't have enough energy to withstand being pulled underwater.

To add insult to injury, it is shown that Jason survived his drowning attempt with a deleted scene - which shows Jason pulling a fishermen into the lake shortly thereafter.

Outcome #2 - A trip to Manhattan:

Jason gets exposed to toxic waste and is drifted back to crystal lake. Since Jason doesn't die, he gets back to work shortly thereafter with a severely disfigured mask ...which makes absolutely no sense, since Jason removed his mask after having acid splashed in his face.
by Silencer
on May 26th 2023, 4:04 pm
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Topic: Did Jason's actions in Manhattan lead to Goes To Hell opening scene?
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Best Jason Actors? (Statistics Poll)

Dorian wrote:Brooker will be always be #1 for me.  

I truly wish I had met him before he passed away. Sad
by Jason Voorhees
on February 27th 2023, 3:40 am
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Topic: Best Jason Actors? (Statistics Poll)
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Best Jason Actors? (Statistics Poll)

Brooker will be always be #1 for me.
by Dorian
on January 31st 2023, 8:46 pm
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Topic: Best Jason Actors? (Statistics Poll)
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Rank the movies from most watched to least watched

#1) Part 7 - Holds a lot of nostalgia for me. The music is great, the sleeping bag kill, plus Tina Shepherd as Crystal Lake's Carrie knockoff. Who could forget the amazing detail in Zombie Jason's appearance?

#2) Part 6 - Technically a more brutal movie with a classic horror atmosphere. Though Part 7 gets bonus points for me for displaying a more rotted, iconic looking zombie Jason.

#3) Part 3 - Often regarded as the best movie in the franchise. Has the old school Friday feel down pat. The cast, for the most part, are also more enjoyable.

#4) Part 4 - Where Jason meets his demise in human form, and the start of the Tommy Jarvis saga. Love the unmasking and movie climax. Not a big fan of the rest of the disposable teens' chemistry.

#5) Part 2 - Great cast of actors, has a strong opening and the first movie to feature Jason as the main antagonist. The build up to Jason's cabin is creepy, and seeing a stumbling, bumbling Jason before he became an unstoppable killing machine shows early progression in the franchise. The sack revival in the Friday remake didn't do Part 2 justice, in my opinion.

#6) Part 1 - The original. Of course, the winning performances goes to Pamela Voorhees and Alice.
The rest, while passable for a lesser known 70's/early 80's horror flick is only a shadow in comparison to the antics Pamela's son would commit in future instalments.

#7) Part 5 - The copycat Jason movie. There's plenty of brutal kills, but lacks the mystique of the main man himself. Anything to make a buck, right?

#8) Freddy VS Jason - Promising opening with Freddy's monologue, but the movie goes quickly downhill once the heavily-dated rave sequence begins. Loved the movie years ago, but have a different opinion these days.

#9) Part 8 - Should have been called "Jason rides on a boat". Had high hopes for this, but I guess there's only so much a backwoods killer can do in the big apple. Despite being the last Paramount Friday, this one feels the most dated to me.

#10) Jason X - A Completely unnecessary example of how to butcher a license. Jason's unmasked human form was essentially Kane Hodder wearing a quasimodo mask. Mecha Jason looked awesome ...if this was a Power Rangers or Sci-Fi film.

#11) Jason Goes To Hell - And I hope the film stays there. The most cheesiest, dated, insult to the Friday franchise. The film also broke one of the cardinal Friday rules ...making Jason speak.

#12) The Friday The 13th remake - I get it - after Jason X and Freddy Vs Jason, the Friday series felt like it needed a reboot. In my opinion, the remake lost the feel of the original franchise; and, despite the new Jason having an even more imposing stature compared to other actors - the overall look and feel of this Jason just never sat well with me.

by Silencer
on January 30th 2023, 9:56 pm
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Topic: Rank the movies from most watched to least watched
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Favorite Horror Movie Doll

Jasonvoorhees13th wrote:The clown Doll From Poltergeist (1982) and the dummy from magic (1978) the puppets from puppet master and Chucky from Child's play

That darn clown is my #1. Good call on Magic as well.
by Soulbait70
on May 24th 2022, 4:15 pm
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