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Jason Voorhees Canonical Age (Discussion Thread)

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Jason Voorhees Canonical Age (Discussion Thread) Empty Jason Voorhees Canonical Age (Discussion Thread)

Post by Jason Voorhees Sat May 08, 2021 9:45 am

Jason Voorhees Canonical Age (Discussion Thread) Img_2023

The Timelines

1946: Jason is born (June 13th, 1946)
1957: Jason is 11 years old
1979: Jason would be 33 years old (Part 1)
1984: Jason would be 38 years old (Part 2)

Note: Part 2-4 takes place in the same week (or even weeks?) so it's kinda useless to even list those here and if his birthday WAS during this time he would have been 39 years old but no month was given that I remember.

But Part 5 is considered to be "5" years after Part 4 which means in 1989 Jason is 43 years of age.

Note: Tom Mcloughlin himself had stated Part 6 takes place in 1986!  But ofcourse, this could be counted as pure continuity errors/mistakes but he is the director which conflicts with it so much for this discussion!

Sources have claimed Tommy in Part 5 (A New Beginning) was 17 years old and not 19 yrs old.

BUT if we count that Tommy was about 12 years old at the time of Part 4 in 1984 then this means in 1986 for Jason lives then Tommy is 14 years old.

1984= 12 yr old Tommy Jarvis
1985= 13 yr old Tommy Jarvis
1986= 14 yr old Tommy Jarvis

But if we go down even more...

1984=12 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 38 years old)
1985=13 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 39 years old)
1986=14 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 40 years old)
1987=15 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 41 years old)
1988=16 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 42 years old)
1989=17 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 43 years old)
1990=18 yr old Tommy Jarvis (Jason Voorhees 44 years old)

So if we go by the list above for 1990 then Jason would be about 44 years old vs the whole 1986 where Jason would be 40 years old

Now for Friday the 13th the New Blood...John Carl Buechler states that Part 7 takes 10 years after Part 6 meaning..

1990+10=2000 (yes that's correct...Part 7 would be by this current information in the exact 2000s era)

1990=Jason Voorhees is 46 years old
1991=Jason Voorhees is 47 years old
1992=Jason Voorhees is 48 years old
1993=Jason Voorhees is 49 years old
1994=Jason Voorhees is 50 years old
1995=Jason Voorhees is 51 years old
1996=Jason Voorhees is 52 years old
1997=Jason Voorhees is 53 years old
1998=Jason Voorhees is 54 years old
1999=Jason Voorhees is 55 Years old
2000=Jason Voorhees is 56 years old

Jason Voorhees would be 56 years of Age around this timeline if given correctly.

Part 8 aka Jason Takes Manhattan it has no legit timeline confirmation for me and others to state here! but people (fan analyzers) will state it would be a year difference so Jason would be 57 as of Jason Takes Manhattan.

Note: Tim Burton's Batman is in the background the same year Part 7 was released but this doesn't mean Part 7/8 exists in 1989 whatsoever.

Even if we say a year later or two Jason would still be in his mid-50s

As for Jason Goes to Hell aka Part 9 we can surely state it takes place 2 years after Part 8 (2003)

Note: Adam Marcus the director said the company told him to Ignore Part 8 and continue from Part 7, this major statement still place a 3 years gap for Part 7 which still is taking place in 2003 along with FvJ meaning Jason would have been 57 years old at this time.

Now in-between FvJ and Jason X where Freddy Vs Jason is a Prequel to Jason X where Jason is capture in the year 2010 (if I remember correctly it was stated in the film) meaning Jason would be 64 years old and with the whole frozen in time concept Jason would have been 509 years old.


If you feel the need to comment "Who Cares [Inset Generic Response]?" then don't comment here, the purpose of this website and its threads is to educate and discuss between one another not sit and talk about the repeated same ole same ole discussions, I love hearing other people's questions and I love answering them to the best of my knowledge.

And to inform you this is strictly for the Original Timeline this is not for the 2009 Friday the 13th film which is in itself self-explained and self-given for the Character!


The Tom Mcloughlin statement is from a Slash N' Cast video


3:50 Mark to the 4:06

As for John Carl Buechler, only a few people have asked him this Question and from multiple testimonies, he puts that it's been 10 years after Jason Lives (aka F13 Part 6) so yeah.

Sources for Part 5 are mostly fan speculation there is no legitimate evidence of what time this film takes place sadly so 5 years is all we got.

Part 8?...yeah nothing for any timelines here so yeah my bad! It's mostly headcanon for this one!

Freddy Vs Jason writers answered this question asked by me!
Jason Voorhees Canonical Age (Discussion Thread) Fvj_qu10

Adam Marcus also answers this about Part VII/VIII!
Jason Voorhees Canonical Age (Discussion Thread) Adam_m10

Full Age Chart:

1946=Jason Voorhees is born
1947=Jason Voorhees is 1 year old
1948=Jason Voorhees is 2 years old
1949=Jason Voorhees is 3 years old
1950=Jason Voorhees is 4 years old
1951=Jason Voorhees is 5 years old
1952=Jason Voorhees is 6 years old
1953=Jason Voorhees is 7 years old
1954=Jason Voorhees is 8 years old
1955=Jason Voorhees is 9 Years old
1956=Jason Voorhees is 10 Years old
1957=Jason Voorhees is 11 Years old
1958=Jason Voorhees is 12 Years old
1959=Jason Voorhees is 13 Years old
1960=Jason Voorhees is 14 Years old
1961=Jason Voorhees is 15 Years old
1962=Jason Voorhees is 16 Years old
1963=Jason Voorhees is 17 Years old
1964=Jason Voorhees is 18 Years old
1965=Jason Voorhees is 19 Years old
1966=Jason Voorhees is 20 Years old
1967=Jason Voorhees is 21 Years old
1968=Jason Voorhees is 22 Years old
1969=Jason Voorhees is 23 Years old
1970=Jason Voorhees is 24 Years old
1971=Jason Voorhees is 25 Years old
1972=Jason Voorhees is 26 Years old
1973=Jason Voorhees is 27 Years old
1974=Jason Voorhees is 28 Years old
1975=Jason Voorhees is 29 Years old
1976=Jason Voorhees is 30 Years old
1977=Jason Voorhees is 31 Years old
1978=Jason Voorhees is 32 Years old
1979=Jason Voorhees is 33 Years old
1980=Jason Voorhees is 34 Years old
1981=Jason Voorhees is 35 Years old
1982=Jason Voorhees is 36 Years old
1983=Jason Voorhees is 37 Years old
1984=Jason Voorhees is 38 Years old
1985=Jason Voorhees is 39 Years old
1986=Jason Voorhees is 40 Years old
1987=Jason Voorhees is 41 Years old
1988=Jason Voorhees is 42 Years old
1989=Jason Voorhees is 43 Years old
1990=Jason Voorhees is 44 Years old
1991=Jason Voorhees is 45 Years old
1992=Jason Voorhees is 46 Years old
1993=Jason Voorhees is 47 Years old
1994=Jason Voorhees is 48 Years old
1995=Jason Voorhees is 49 Years old
1996=Jason Voorhees is 50 Years old
1997=Jason Voorhees is 51 Years old
1998=Jason Voorhees is 52 Years old
1999=Jason Voorhees is 53 Years old
2000=Jason Voorhees is 54 Years old
2001=Jason Voorhees is 55 Years old
2002=Jason Voorhees is 56 Years old
2003=Jason Voorhees is 57 Years old
2004=Jason Voorhees is 58 Years old
2005=Jason Voorhees is 59 Years old
2006=Jason Voorhees is 60 Years old
2007=Jason Voorhees is 61 Years old
2008=Jason Voorhees is 62 Years old
2009=Jason Voorhees is 63 Years old
2010=Jason Voorhees is 64 Years old
2455=Jason Voorhees is 509 Years old

Recap Summary:

1946: Pre-Friday the 13th (1980) (Birth)

1979: Friday the 13th (1980) (33 years old)

1984: Friday the 13th Part 2, Friday the 13th Part 3, and Friday the 13th: The Final Friday (38 years old)

1989: Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (43 years old)

1990: Friday the 13th: Jason Lives (44 years old)

2000: Friday the 13th: The New Blood (54 years old)

2001: Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan (55 years old)

2002: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (56 years old)

2003: Freddy Vs Jason (57 years old)

2008/2455: Jason X (62-509 years old)
Jason Voorhees
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