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CosmoGirl! Hangs with Kelly Rowland

Jason Voorhees | Published on the april 29th 2024, 2:48 am | 37 Views

Originally posted Sept. 2003 By Lauren Brown

Kelly Rowland has nothing to fear. At least not since she finished filming her debut movie role in the horror flick Freddy vs. Jason (in theaters August 15). The 22-year-old member of Destiny's Child is starring alongside two of the most notorious characters in horror-film history--Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. According to Kelly, facing them on the set took some, uh, getting used to--but it was nothing this independent woman couldn't handle!

CosmoGIRL!: "Hi, Kelly! How are you doing?"

Kelly Rowland: "I'm doing good! I'm sitting here chatting about Victoria Beckham and how handsome her husband, David, is. That is one of the most beautiful men on Earth! I'm applauding Victoria. You go, girl. That's a real catch."

CG!: "We hate to change that subject, but let's talk about Freddy vs. Jason. Were you a fan as a kid?"

KR: "My brother Orlando loves Freddy Krueger. So when I told him I got the movie, he wanted to cry. He's very emotional. I can't wait to take him to the premiere."

CG!: "So what was it like filming those scary scenes?"

KR: "For a really intense part of the movie, I had blood all on the side of my face from my hair to my neck. It's really corn syrup and food coloring, I think. What's bad is when they're like, "Cut!" I'd start tasting the sugar on the side of my mouth. It was like a little snack--at least for me. The makeup people were like, "Kelly, please don't eat your makeup." They had to reapply it almost every single time!"

CG!: "Well, a girl's got to eat! So, did you face any of your own fears while making this movie?"

KR: "I had one encounter with Freddy where we're face-to-face. To me, that was like overcoming a childhood demon. It was really funny because I was like, "Y'all gotta get me off this set. I gotta go pray somewhere!"

CG!: "What would you pray for?"

KR: "Peace, so I wouldn't have nightmares! I can freak myself out. If I'm in the bathroom, and I'm washing my face--you know, you can't see anything--so I can be in my house and be convinced that somebody might be walking up behind me. I'll rinse my eyes and then look up just to make sure."

CG!: "Better to be safe than sorry, right? Good thing you had your castmates around to protect you!"

KR: "I actually bonded with Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger). He was the coolest person. Once we shot all night, and we rode back to the hotel in the car together. Of course, I fell asleep, and he heard me snoring in the back. My assistant was like, "Yeah, she snores. Please don't tell anybody. She's really embarrassed." So we get to our hotel, and he starts making a snoring noise. I was like, "Don't do that! Please don't tell anybody!" But he is really a very sweet guy."

CG!: "Do you see yourself doing more movies?"

KR: "I want to do an action movie where I have to train and climb walls and fight people."

CG!: "Would you even do your own stunts?"

KR: "No. I'm still in Destiny's Child and doing solo stuff. I can't disappoint the fans and be canceling shows. That would be funny: "I broke my leg, so sorry--there's no tour."

CG!: "Just find a cast to match your costumes!"

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