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Jason Rises Fanfiction Graphic Novel Legal Issues?

Jason Voorhees | Published on the october 29th 2022, 12:49 pm | 957 Views

As a sad coincidence, I was gonna make a post about this on the forum instead of an article but now that Larry and Horror Inc (seemingly?) Is involved I had to make am article and so the person or team behind the Kickstarter was hit with legal issues from Horror Inc and so LET me put a disclaimer here as well!


This fan-made graphic novel shouldn't be confused with the Friday Fanfilm of a similar name: Jason Rising from what I know they aren't connected and this is its own story set between Part 2 and Part 3 if I remember correctly.

So with that said Larry Zerner himself who we Horror/F13 fans know as Shelly from Friday the 13th Part III, yes the same Shelly who gave Jason Voorhees the iconic Hockey Mask is now a successful entertainment lawyer who goes around explaining and giving his thoughts and opinions about legal issues and he went on to state this...

Larry Zerner

There was a recent Kickstarter for a Friday the 13th graphic novel that got shut down due to a copyright claim and people have asked me whether that means that fans can't make F13-related content anymore. The simple answer is "no." The studios allow fan fiction and allow Kickstarters for fan films as long as certain guidelines are meant (e.g., no porn) and the budget is limited (about $50k). The studios are not going to allow a Kickstarter where someone is basically preselling a graphic novel. That's not "fan fiction," that's a business in competition with the studios. You can write stories or draw pictures & put them up on the internet for free with no problem. But if you plan on charging fans for your product, you have gone away from "fan fiction" and the studios will shut you down.

The individual or team behind the graphic novel went on to state this...

Jason Rise (Facebook)

Dear friends and supporters of JASON RISES. You may have become aware that the JASON RISES Kickstarter campaign has been paused due to an intellectual property dispute. Why, after 5 years of F13 fanfilms raising over half a million dollars towards production, this has happened with our little blip of a book, I do not know. There is speculation that the claimant is not legitimate, and we are exploring all of our options to get the matter resolved. Please note that all pledges are safe. Kickstarter allows 30 days to settle disputes, and does not charge until the close of a campaign. As the campaign is paused, the clock is not running, and nothing you pledged is at risk.

Also note, that while the campaign is paused, updates and messaging are unavailable to me, so I am left to address the matter here on our social media.

Though I know that fan works, especially crowdfunded ones, rub some people the wrong way, this was never, ever, about profit, and had the balance shifted to where gains were outpacing expenses, I'd have just kept adding more free perks to absorb them. I never thought it would raise more than a few thousand dollars, and JASON RISES would just be this neat thing I did, maybe a calling card or an attractive portfolio piece.

That said, I knew going in that this was someone else's sandbox, and whatever the outcome, it was a sheer joy to play in it, even if just for a bit. I got to talk for hours with Ari Lehman, I got encouragement from Lauren-Marie Taylor, and even Steve Dash's daughter sent kind words and backed the campaign. I'm grateful to everyone who shared and supported.

Watch this space for updates, and feel free to reach out with questions as we take steps to resolve. Thank you.

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