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Rest In Peace Ted White

Jason Voorhees | Published on the october 14th 2022, 8:26 pm | 939 Views

It's with a HEAVY and I mean HEAVY heart that I am announcing to the Friday the 13th Community and Horror Community on October 14th 2022, about the Passing of Cinema's most Legendary stuntmen and actor, Ted White best known to us F13 Fans as Part 4 Jason Voorhees and to Western Movie Fans as the man who stunt doubled for John Wayne, he was 96 years old...

Source: Instagram Post by Sean

Legacy and Honor

Throughout the community of Horror many have paid homage to his role as the Fictionalized serial Killer Jason Voorhees, such as the Cosplaying Organization of 13 Gallows Lane by Joe Gallows and his many talented Jason Modelers and Friends, in which He even made his own Version of a Zombie Ted White's Jason known as the Dead White! which is a completely custom made Jason and even inspired it for the forementioned fanfilm concepts!

You also have such fanfilms on Youtube like Jason Rising and The Fall of Camp Blood that also honors his legacy of the Character, something that keeps his image alive for the future generations to come!

Even I love cosplaying and acting like his Jason! The brutality, body language, and mannerisms are all Iconic to him! Hell! I even emailed to get his Approval and Blessing to Play Jason, and he replied quickly with a "Sure! Go for it!"

No one could give a real negative remarks about him! Everyone who has ever met him has went on to say he is a sweet and nice man! He loved his work and his co-stars, and the fans who cane along with it!

Ted White has been in many other films as a Stuntman or Actor such as the Planet of the Apes, Creature from the Black Lagoon, TRON, X-Files, and MANY MANY more! His Career as both a Stuntman and Actor expands for Decades! And its truly saddening to see him go! But he went on Peaceful terms and thats the best we wish for anyone! 


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