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Friday the 13th The Game Fan Comic

Jason Voorhees | Published on the october 5th 2022, 1:26 pm | 709 Views

That's right F13 Fans! There was an Unofficial Friday the 13th the Game Graphic Novel! A fan-made comic tribute to Gunmedias own love letter to the franchise! It is written and drawn by Grizzilla! This fan-fiction is adding its own interpretations about our favorite (or least) favorite camp counselors! With multiple direct nods to the game's mechanics and items! It even gives them the canonical couples featured in thr Virutal Cabin! And features Part 3 Jason Voorhees! (R.I.P Richard Brooker!) As the antagonist.

Links to these Fan Novel Comics?

F13: Game Fan-Comic Part 1

F13: Game Fan-Comic Part 2

If you want to follow Grizzilla for more of his content check out his twitter! Official Grizzilla Twitter and hopefully give him more motivation to make more sequels to this series project!

So now people will wonder why this is getting some coverage when most articles are for Official F13 or F13 Alumi news? Its because it was announced originally on the Official Friday the 13th: The Game forum before its closure! And I wanted the Horror, Gaming, and Comic communities to know about this gem!

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