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Balsam: A Paranormal Investigation Released

Jason Voorhees | Published on the december 15th 2021, 9:53 pm | 637 Views

That's right! the Balsam: A Paranormal Investigation has been released!

For those just tuning in Balsam: A Paranormal Investigation has Horror Icon, Kane Hodder leads a team of paranormal investigators as they investigate and adventure The Grand Old Lady Hotel in Balsam, North Carolina. The Grand Old Lady Hotel is a 112-year-old, 40,000 square foot hotel with a disturbing past. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, the hotel is referred to by locals as the South's Stanley Hotel.

The film was JUST released! and here are some places to watch it now!

GooglePlay Balsam

Vudu: Balsam Paranormal Investigation


Or ordering it on Amazon! 

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