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Victor Miller Wins Copyright Termination Appeal

Jason Voorhees | Published on the september 30th 2021, 11:58 am | 1253 Views

Since 2016 during the Lawsuit for claim over the original “Friday the 13th” script it has ceased the franchise from movies, comics, and help ended the Friday the 13th the Game, where screenwriter Victor Miller himself has won thr copyright termination appeal against the producer: Sean Cunningham and Hororr Inc.

as sources say from Eriq Gardner for more details read his article at Hollywood Reports: Hollywood Reporter: Friday the 13th Screenwriter Wins Copyright Termination Appeal

Eric Gardner

Barring any reversal before a fuller panel at the 2nd Circuit or Supreme Court, Victor Miller will reclaim the domestic rights to the franchise. A big win for attorney Marc Toberoff as he heads into an even bigger fight against Disney over Marvel characters.

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