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Jason Goes to Hell Hockey Mask Sells for Over $200,000 at Auction!

Jason Voorhees | Published on the july 17th 2021, 6:47 pm | 14403 Views

The screen-worn and screen-accurate masks that appeared in the most controversial film in the entire franchise which was worn by Legendary Horror Icon himself Kane Hodder at the beginning of the movie, this mask was estimated to only make between an estimate $20,000 and $30,000 during its entire auction session, and this piece of horror history which is a screen-used prop had far exceeded even the highest of expectations of buyers and collectors. The winning bid was placed around $180,000, and by now everyone has learned from/by the Prop Store themselves that the full price that the buyer had paid comes out to $225,000! This final figure represents “the total sale price, which includes the buyer’s premium.” this is extremely shocking as the highest sold horror prop in history: One of the Last Two Original Dracula Posters (Dracula 1931) which sold for $525,000 and then you have Jack Nicholson's Axe from the 1980's the Shining which sold for $209,000 and with quick math the Jason Goes to Hell The Final Friday mask compared to the Axe it made over $16,000 more and then compared to the posters it was under $300,000.

Official Depiction

A screen-matched Jason Voorhees hockey mask signed by Kane Hodder from Adam Marcus’ horror sequel Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Jason’s (Hodder) spirit passed his signature mask from body to body before he was dragged to hell by Freddy Krueger (Hodder). This mask screen-matches to the scene in which a SWAT team ambushes and blows up Jason.

This version of the iconic Voorhees mask was designed by effects supervisor Howard Berger and manufactured by K.N.B. Effects Group to appear battle-scarred, burnt, water-damaged, and fused to the face of the latest wearer. As such, the mask is extensively aged with grime, scratches, and chips made throughout by production.

It is constructed of molded vacuum-formed plastic painted white, gray, and brown with “To Tom, You’re Next, “Jason”” signed in black marker by Hodder above a red triangle emblem. Three brown leather straps are screwed into the top and sides. Though intentionally distressed, the mask remains in good overall condition.

This lot comes from the collection of renowned special effects artist Tom “Brooklyn” Bellissimo. A letter of authenticity from Bellissimo is included.

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