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Sean Cunningham New Lawsuit Against Paramount and Warner Bros

Jason Voorhees | Published on the january 29th 2021, 9:26 pm | 1794 Views

As with Hollywood Reporter and BloodyDisgusting both reporting.

It's true Sean Cunningham is now settling a profit based lawsuit against both Paramount and WB (Warner Brothers) and Hollywood Reporter states this:

Hollywood Reporter

The Friday the 13th franchise has grossed more than $129 million, according to the complaint, but Cunningham says audits revealed there's been improper deductions of fees and bonuses, undervalued licenses, an underreporting of merchandizing revenue and pay TV income, and on and on. He also alleges that Paramount and Warner have redacted their "package" license agreements — preventing him from fully understanding the flow of money. He surmises that defendants' "withheld documents would reveal that the Pictures's distribution was structured to inequitably advance the interest of Defendants and favored third parties.

 Now even Larry Zerner has stated this:

Larry Zerner

Sean is represented by Johnson & Johnson, a very experienced Beverly Hills law firm handling these sort of Hollywood accounting cases. The lawsuit ONLY concerns profits of the 2009 F13 Reboot. None of the other films are part of the suit.

Lawsuit Paperwork <- Posted by Larry himself!

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