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WWE Wrestler Kane as the Next Jason Voorhees Rumors

Jason Voorhees | Published january 16th 2021, 8:36 am | 454 Views

This Rumored was created and started by the mostly considered Pseudo-News and Blogging Website "ScreenRants" where writer Michael Kennedy titled his article as "Friday The 13th's Next Jason Voorhees Actor Needs To Be The WWE's Kane" and gives "Fan based Opinions" of why and how Kane aka Glenn Jacobs could and can play the role but the community sees this as a Rumor or an Official thing.

It's time to explain that ScreenRants articles aren't "Official" and are majority written by Bloggers who mainly make theories and fan opinionated content.

WWE Kane isn't Wrestling as much due to being the Mayor of Knox County, and because he is already apart of his own Horror franchise with See No Evil as Jacob Goodnight.

I will say the only good points from Mr.Kennedy's article is that Kane played a large,tall, (almost) silent masked character (Glenn Jacobs aka Kane standing at 7 ft 0) for decades but as many fans who shared the article had Expressed that the "Only" Kane that should play Jason Voorhees is "Kane Hodder"

Now would Kane (the Wrestler ofcourse) make a good Jason? To me I couldn't see Kane being so slow in movement and no offense but as a long time Wrestler, I don't think he could make the same impression for speed as Derek Mears has done.

As for See No Evil franchise I believe he fits perfectly as his own Killer because he can do things the way he wants rather than getting attack with criticism from fans of the F13 Community so would I want Kane (Wrestler) as Jason Voorhees? No not really...I would say C.J. Graham,Kane Hodder and or Derek Mears are the best options for the series....

Now to shut this rumor down even more, Glenn barely ever wrestles as of 2021 and does minor Cameos due to the fact he is yet again a Mayor of a State that has his full attention especially with the "COVID-19" Virus making it hard on all of us but I will say I am hopeful for a See No Evil 3 because Glenn Jacobs as Jacob Goodnight is just a persona only he can do perfectly he doesn't have to be slow like Jason, but can be Brutal and Sinister in his own way. 

So no....Kane aka Glenn Jacobs isn't the next Jason there is no movies being produced whatsoever right no either way due to the ongoing Lawsuit between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller still keeping the franchise frozen.

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