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Could C.J. Graham make a Return as Jason?

Jason Voorhees | Published on the november 26th 2020, 8:40 pm | 3667 Views


This is not me stating that C.J. Graham is making a return as Jason but a "Would He" and "Could He" article to help give ideas that such actors could come back to film!

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

One of the returning figures in Horror was given to us by C.J. Graham becoming the first actor to become the Revenant Zombie version of Jason Voorhees.

His military background helped give Jason Voorhees for Part 6 that "I can't be stopped" Personality, this is why C.J. is one of the most fans favorited actors (Along with Kane Hodder, Ted White, and the late Richard Brooker and Steve Dash.) and with his mentality added along with body movement gave a more serious and deadly Jason!

As we know in Part 7 it was Kane Hodder who was chosen over C.J. by the director John Carl Buechler.

Freddy vs Jason

Despite the recasting for Freddy vs Jason, it's stated that New Line Cinema went to C.J. Graham to reprise his role as Jason but politely declined their offer and recommended that they have Kane Hodder reprise the role. (Much, Much respect between these two!) 

Friday the 13th: Vengeance (Fan Film)

We see the iconic C.J. Graham return in a fan film under Brownspace films which had him return to the movie scene but not as Jason Voorhees but as Elias Voorhees, the father of Jason Voorhees.

This fan film shows that CJ still got it in him to return to the fan film scene along with the upcoming 13 Fanboy. 

(Film stars Peter Anthony, Jason Brooks, Tom McLoughlin, Steve Dash, Diana Prince, Julia Valenti, and Ray Hooper)

13: Fanboy

A film is being produced, directed, and written by Deborah Voorhees (Yes! the same actress from Part V who played Tina!) with him being well himself! the film isn't out yet but can be followed through her Facebook group: OfficialDeborahVoorheesFanPage

Tom McLoughlin's Jason Never Dies

As in the previous Article: Tom McLoughlin's Jason Never Dies Script

It's very much likely if they accept his script that C.J. Graham could be reprising his iconic role as Jason Voorhees very much designed like his Part 6 Version just 20-30 years later! 

So would you guys the readers love to see C.J. Graham return to the big screen as an older and darker version of his Part 6 role? or are talented indie actors going to have him cast as their version of Jason in the future? let's discuss!

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