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RIP Declan McCombs

Jason Voorhees | Published on the november 25th 2020, 9:44 pm | 6300 Views

I would love to state to those who are reading that this is something that was hard to even write and hard to announce of November 22nd, 2020 a very young and loving fan of our community (Friday the 13th) Declan McCombs had sadly lost his battle with Cancer it was announced by the ever so praising SteelCityJason

SteelCityJason And Declan <- Original Post/Picture

SteelCityJason Announces the Sad News <-The Announcement

As a fellow cosplayer, it's not just about social media, it's also about the fans big and small who love the franchise and it's always amazing to see cosplayers fulfilling a wish from a fan healthy or dying....

I would love to say to Declan that you are a Strong young man....

I want to say to the McCombs family that we (the community) are devastated to hear about the passing of Declan...

I want to state to SteelCityJason that you are one of the best for doing what you did, not many of us gets chances to do such things for fans like this and you did made that boy smile, and happy, we as fans, cosplayers, and collectors thank you for doing such an honorable act of kindness that 2020 needed!

Disclaimer: Show some respect, this young man was a trooper, show some support and fight against cancer and other such causes! and I DO NOT and I REPEAT I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES OR CLAIM TO BE STEELCITYJASON! 

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