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Kane Hodder still wants to Play Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees | Published on the march 20th 2020, 1:11 am | 2099 Views

Kane Hodder one the most famous and most known actor to play the role of Jason Voorhees himself had stated this to ScreenGeeks:

Kane Hodder

"I mean, I would love to. We've got to do another one, right? There have been 12 movies so far. We gotta do 13 right? So, I'm all for it! Hey, I can still kill motherfuckers! Bring it on! I say!"

Original Source: Exclusive: Kane Hodder Would Love To Play Jason In Another ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie

Would you all love to see Kane Hodder return as Jason Voorhees?

or let someone else pick up the role? 

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